14.02.2018 A really tempting offer?

Hacker activity on the World Wide Web is gaining momentum.

It has recently become known attackers infected more than 4.000 computers in the United States and Great Britain, including those belonging to government agencies, in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there was an expression for hidden mining – cryptojacking.
However, there are Internet resources offering to share with them the extra resources of your computer in exchange for any additional benefits or part of the profit.
For example, Salon, an American news portal, offers its visitors in exchange for a spare resource of their computer not to display ads on the site, which distracts from reading articles. There is an assumption that in this way the owners want to mine cryptocurrency. In the official explanation they talk about using extra power for starting with technology of blockchain to analysis of signals from space. Admit it, the formulation is very vague and questionable.
In the pop-up window on the site pops up the inscription: “We use ads so that our site and content remains free for you.”
There are a lot of questions that have no answers. For example, how much time does a person need to spend on a news portal so that he is so annoyed by ads and agrees to certain terms? Or how many ads are there on the site so that they drive you mad? Of course, there are trash – sites where a page is full of banners, but it is unlikely that Salon refers to one of them, as the media writes about it.
However, as it seems to us, there are two simple solutions for users: either to agree or not. Moreover, the second option is preferable. There is an analogy, perhaps far – fetched, with a session of hypnosis. Would you let someone get into your head without having good reasons for this?