14.02.2018 Billion dollars in sacrifice and not only

 Story about an actor and lover of computer games becoming the leader of opinions in the cryptocurrency world

The 37-year-old the Bitcoin Foundation chairman Brock Pierce said he would donate $ 1 billion to the decentralized autonomous community Block.one, made through the new EOS blockchain.
According to him, the community is planning to be organized as a charitable organization, where all participants will vote on the allocation of funds.
Brock notes he is not afraid to invest that much, as he earns even more.
It is worth noting that the entrepreneur went through an interesting path of art. As a child, he acted in films (maybe someone will remember the drama “The Mighty Ducks”, 1992), at the age of 17 he co-founded the Internet resource Digital Entertainment Network, which was the predecessor of YouTube, but later went bankrupt.
Pierce starting the blockchain industry is another story. Having a predilection for computer games, in 2000s he managed to build one of the largest platforms for trading virtual game assets, Internet Gaming Entertainment. Attracting thousands of gamers from China to the super popular online games, such as World of Warcraft, the entrepreneur sold the received rewards for real money, thus making a good fortune.
In such an unpretentious way, dealing with arbitration of the same games, he came to the first cryptocurrencies, and subsequently became a successful and well-known character in this field, whose assets as of January 2018 by various estimates are 700-1.000 million dollars.
Now Brock Pierce resides in Puerto Rico, taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the tax legislation of this country, not to pay income tax. At different periods of time he was an investor in such projects as Mastercoin, Blockchain Capital, Coinbase, Ethereum, Tether and Bitfury.
The person, without exaggeration, is remarkable. A good example of how a person who has a sense of purpose, intelligence and love for everything new can achieve incredible success.