16.02.2018 On a sleigh with bitcoin

The US Olympic luge team has opened its own bitcoin-fund.

The Yankees want to organize support for the team at the level of the World Cup and popularize cryptocurrencies in the world.

Since last December, the US Luge Foundation has been carrying out fundraising work in bitcoins. The initiators hope that the crypto community will assist the sleigh drivers, for which the athletes intend, in turn, to promote cryptocurrencies at the largest world-class competitions.

One of the first payments was made by former Olympian Ty Danko, who is currently engaged in investments on Wall Street. He said that he considers this step to be an excellent investment in the future. After all, the fund is aimed at a long-term perspective of its activities, since cryptocurrencies are a young and rapidly developing industry.

Marketing director of the fund and silver medalist of the Olympic Games Gordy Sheer explained this step by the fact that speed and risk are characteristic for luge. They are usual for cryptocurrencies too.

Depending on the size of the fund, the team plans to apply the bitcoin logo to advertising products, uniform and even sleighs. The athletes joked that if they manage to raise 21 million bitcoins (maximum issue), they will find Satoshi Nakamoto and put him in a sleigh.