17.02.2018 “By plane, by train, by car”

Ukraine presented a blockchain ticket for public transport

Vladimir Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, said that by the end of the year there will be a single blockchain ticket for all types of transport, including planes and railways.
Everyone can get a ticket with the help of the special application created on the basis of the distributed register technology. According to the Minister, the program will determine a passenger`s location, then offer options for a route to any destination in the world using different kinds of transport.
Before launching the project, it is necessary to develop a single register of bus carriers, Omelyan said. Blockchain, according to the creators` idea, will exclude fraud within the service.
Unfortunately, there is no information about the budget of the innovation and where financing comes from. The idea gives the impression of a convenient and technological product, but whether Ukraine can bring it to the right condition, taking into account the economic and political situation in the country – this is anyone`s guess. We just have to keep our fingers crossed!