19.02.2018 A mysterious stranger and bitcoin in ethereum …

People like counting others’ money and gossip about it wherever it`s possible!

With their pleasure social networks discuss the news published by anycoin.news. In the period from the 9th to the 12th of February an anonymous bought bitcoins for the amount of about 400 million dollars. Over the period the balance on his wallet changed from 55 thousand to 96.65 thousand coins, which at the current rate is almost equivalent to a billion dollars.

The funniest thing is that there are even those who considered it to be a secret conspiracy. And what`s the conspiracy? Isn`t it logical, having a positive view on the bitcoin course, to buy it during its fall? There are always those who sell, those who buy and those who are hysterical.

Meanwhile, the news of this week is encouraging. For example, J.P.Morgan predict that by the middle of the year bitcoin will start beating price records again.

By the way, have you heard anything about the full copy of the first cryptocurrency on Ethereum`s blockchain? It’s amazing, but the 0xBitcoin token has been really launched with all the ensuing consequences – halving once in four years, the PoW algorithm, the issue of 21 million coins.

Developers of Ethereum took this news ambiguously. The main question that puzzled them was why? It`s difficult to disagree with them. But the very phenomenon is really interesting – a competitor in the competitor’s blockchain is exciting! Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology erase all possible barriers, changing the world and consciousness of millions of people!