21.02.2018 According to Sharia law

The company HelloGold got permission from the financial regulator of Malaysia to launch Islamic cryptocurrency GOLDX and conduct operations with it.

Among the features of these tokens, one can note they are provided with the organization`s gold, which is stored in Singapore, and the possibility to make transactions with them strictly at the certain time. Also this cryptocurrency completely excludes anonymity, everything will be personalized. Credit restrictions, lack of speculative character of the token are other features of the Muslim coin. It is necessary to abide by the terms complied with the Sharia law.

A representative of HelloGold explained to Reuters that they plan to promote the project to the countries of South-East Asia, especially great expectations are related to Thailand.

According to the head of the Central Bank of Malaysia Muhammad Ibrahim, the government is developing legislation to regulate the market of cryptocurrencies, the main purpose of which is to provide full control over operations and identification of users.

This is not the first approach to launching Muslim cryptocurrency – last fall, the nited Araba Emirates announced Arabcoin, whose price was planned to bound to the prices on gold.

However, the Muslims are not the only ones who are attempting to issue digital money with religious overtones. So, last summer in Russia, Bitcoen token appeared, which, according to its creators` ideas, should correspond to the religious norms of the Jewish community.