21.02.2018 Blocking for the welfare of tenants

In China they intend to launch a real estate rental platform, implemented with the help of distributed registry technology. A new district of Beijing called Xiongan New Area will be presented in the service.
Several parties, namely Ant Financial, China Construction Bank and Lianjia agency will take part in the project. The platform`s system will be introduced by an ordinary system, where each user can leave a feedback about the object, others can confirm or deny it, but thanks to decentralization, no one can change it. This will form an objective opinion on the quality of the services provided.

This will help solve the problem existing in today’s China, when the market is not systematized, information about objects is twisted and illegal realtors work. Hence, there is a mistrust of consumers, and sometimes their money losses.

China often becomes a newsmaker. Here we see that, despite the tough and rigid position of the state in relation to cryptocurrencies and ICO, blockchain as a technology is positively considered. And this view inevitably contributes to the development of various branches of the national economy.