23.02.2018 Bought bitcoins and became a student of NYU

Sooner or later every parent faces the problem on how to give his child a decent and proper education. Some save up for years, others go on tick for it, some just have money.

But the ancestors of Konig Chen, born in Brazil and then graduated from high school in Taiwan, were lucky, as their enterprising son solved the vital problem himself.

A year ago he invested all his savings saved up for study, in bitcoins, and at the end of the last academic year bought some more. In December 2017, Chen sold all coins at the rate that exceeded the purchase price by 18 times, and got about $ 200,000.

This amount is more than enough for him to pay a four-year course at New York University and to rent a proper accommodation for the entire period of study.

Chen admitted that he had previously planned to bind his profession with logistics and tourism, but such a successful investment could influence on his final decision.

It is always joyful to read such success stories when characters were not afraid to take risks and went for something new and unexplored. Well, life thanks bold spirits for that in full !