25.02.2018 Samsung S9 will mine

The new flagship Samsung smartphone model has the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency due to its powerful processor and video card. It`s been stated by the developers.

Outwardly it`s not really different from its predecessor S8. Among its innovations we can note its camera with the effect of slow – mo. Also there`s a very fun feature. Most of the device’s functions, such as video shooting, bank operations, calls to certain contacts to which the owner sets restrictions, in a sober state of an owner won`t be available. It`s not reported whether the mining function will be available this case.

It`s difficult for us to imagine how many tokens it`s possible to mine this way, but it`s obvious that general love for cryptocurrencies covers more and more spheres of the economy. A smartphone, that, it should be noted, is always with us and is an integral part of our life and work, will also earn money …

Samsung’s main competitor is Apple. We came across an interesting table with the calculation of the profitability of bitcoin mining on iPhone X – the latest model of the popular smartphones at the moment. So, in this calculation there are approximately such figures: in an hour 0.000001 BTC is mined, during a day – 0.000028 BTC, during a month – 0.000852 BTC, and for the year it`s 0.010360 BTC. Taking into account that mining is 24/7.

Will see what results S9 will show, but something tells us they`ll be within the same limits.

What conclusion can we draw? Of course, now you won`t be able to make a lot of money (iPhone X mines about 97 dollars during a year at today’s rate), but the opportunity is nice. Probably, over time, technology will reach such heights that the amount of mined digital money will suffice for life.