27.02.2018 Do you like pizza like Laszlo Hanyecz?

On May 22, 2010, a developer Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas using cryptocurrency for the first time in history, paying 10,000 BTC.

The twitter account @bitcoin_pizza daily publishes the cost of a premier purchase with respect to a current bitcoin rate. Today, those two Italian dishes cost $ 98.300.725. He had a good meal, don`t you think so?

Years later, Hanyecz (how didn`t he go mad?) decided to repeat the purchase with the only difference that this time the goal was to try out the Lightning network. According to Laszlo, he had to ask his London friends to sign a subcontract with a local pizza delivery service. It could be avoided if the pizzeria had its own lightning node.

This time two pizzas cost much cheaper – 649.000 Satoshi, which was about $ 62. At the time of transfer of the order, he checked with a courier the first and last four digits of the 16-digit transaction, which confirmed the fact of payment. If he didn`t provide those data, the food would be destroyed.

To show his success, Hanyecz posted a photo of his family members, pizza, children wearing T-shirts “I love pizza” and “I love bitcoin”, and on the table there`s a part of the Lightning transaction code.

Recall that the first purchase through the Lightning network occurred on January 20, 2018. User Reddit / u / btc_throwaway1337 bought a VPN-router using TorGuard payment system.