28.02.2018 7 square kilometers of freedom

The self-proclaimed European state of Liberland took up the issue of cryptocurrency.

Lieberland is on a neutral territory between the borders of Croatia and Serbia and it`s announced its intention to issue its own cryptocurrency on April 13, which will mark the country`s third anniversary.

Formed in 2015, the state doesn`t cease fighting for its independence. Initially, it was planned to use bitcoin as a national currency, but, apparently, because of the possible forthcoming international regulation of the main cryptocurrency, it was decided to issue its own tokens.

On the territory of Liberland, which has about a hundred citizens, there are no state taxes and control over the circulation of weapon. President Vit Jedlicka raises funds in bitcoins and ethereum for the needs of the state. He issues passports to new citizens and something tells us that it`s not free.

How to take it? Every day the problem of freedom in the modern world is becoming more and more acute. Cryptocurrency is a big step towards this direction, and the emergence of a digital coin in Liberland was inevitable.

However, there`re more questions than answers about Liberland. The state, the area of which is 7 square kilometers, hasn`t been recognized by the whole world yet. It doesn`t have any economy, and, as far as we can judge according to open sources, any serious development strategy. It hardly has the future. Unfortunately… Only digital one maybe …