01.03.2018 Bitcoin for adults only

There’s a popular opinion that the cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a women deficit. They say, digital novelty is not for the fair sex.

Contrary to the above, in the media there’s been recently the news that strip dancers in one of the Las Vegas nightclubs get wages in bitcoins.

There’s a cryptocurrency ATM in Legends Room club and its customers can purchase a digital currency there. Girls have temporary tattoos with QR codes bound to their bitcoin accounts. Any client using a phone application can thank a beauty for her lively dance with any amount in the first cryptocurrency.

The idea’s interesting. According to the owner of the foundation Nick Blomgren, this opportunity is good for both parties: a customer gets confidentiality and anonymity, and dancers have no problems with banks, as they’re often refused to be serviced because of the lack of transparency of the money’s origins.

In addition to the above amenities, it’s been made to attract large cryptocurrency investors, who find it as ordinary to pay with digital money as we do with fiats.

One of the girls, 26-year-old Brenna Sparks, said that customers pay quite often this way. She’s sure that such decisions are developing the industry for adults in civilized forms, as it’s anonymous, modern and fast.