18.10.2018 Trading

We remind you that our bot buys MiningNow tokens on the Waces exchange on the 5th and 20th of each month in a pair to a bitnoin.

21.06.2018 Technical work!


Technical work is underway!

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16.06.2018 Payments for May

Good afternoon, dear partners!

Yesterday, payments were made for April 2018 based 0,26 Euro token MiningNow.

Thank you for being with us!

10.06.2018 The update is completed!

The personal cabinet works in the usual mode.

09.06.2018 Technical works


Technical work is underway to replace the software on the server.

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16.05.2018 Payments for April

Good afternoon, dear partners!

Yesterday, payments were made for April 2018 based 0,324734 Euro token MiningNow.

This corresponds to the price of our token 10,82446667 Euro/token at the rate of 3% of the monthly yield.

Also, this week, open trading on the stock exchange. Instructions for crediting tokens to the personal user wallet, the rules for using them, including on the exchange, will be published.

Also, further plans for the development of the project will be published.

Thank you for being with us!

11.03.2018 Good day dear partners!

The team of the international project MiningNow, hastens to inform you that our ico has been successfully completed. And so, let’s sum up.

The distributable income for February is 0.32 euro cents per a token. The current ROI is 155% per annum. Of these, 44% are monthly payments, the rest is the increase in the price of the token from November to March.

Thanks to all who have invested and continue to partner with us. Stay tuned for further announcements and news. Let’s mine together!

09.02.2018 Bitcoin is falling, but the MNW token doesn`t really care

Against the background of cryptocurrency community worries our investors keep calm.
And this is quite understandable. The team of the international project Mining Now systematically overcame three collapses of cryptocurrency in a row. The developed plan allows moving forward, accurately fulfilling all the inferred financial obligations for investors and partners.
It`s enough to say that over the past period of 2018, the price of MNW token increased from 9.2 to 9.6 euros. At the beginning of this year, the unit yield of the digital asset was 57.33%, as on February 1 it was 51.33%.
It’s easy to see that the business model of the international Mining Now project allows you to hedge against sharp fluctuations in the cryptocurrency cost in the market. The price of our tokens is set based on the average monthly return of 3%. Accordingly, even in the case of financial jumps of bitcoin, MNW tokens continue work to improve the financial well-being of each investor and partner.
Frankly speaking, the general panic in the cuprocurrency market to some extent affects the growth of the price of our tokens. They`re growing a little bit slower, but do not become cheaper. Therefore, the estimated amount of payments for February will be 34 euro cents per a token, which is 3.54% of its value.
And now the main thing.Even though bitcoin is falling down, MNW token does not really care. The declared amount of the February payment is equivalent to its value of 11.33 euros. Conclusion – it`s even more interesting to invest in our project now than in the period of growth of cryptocurrency. Do not miss your chance not to get lost in the crypto-ocean.
Let`s mine together!


15.01.2018 MiningNow’s tokens rose by 8,2%

Hello dear partners!
The MiningNow team pleased to announce the financial performance of our international project is ahead of the planned growth. This means that the mining strategy was chosen correctly and there is a successful development of production activities in the medium – term perspective.
Thus, in January 15, the reward for each token purchased in the specified period will reach 0.43 euros. The payment is 5.13% of the nominal or 4.65% at the rate at the beginning of 2018.
Investors who joined the MiningNow project in November last year, taking into account the increase in the cost of tokens, can fix the profitability of the mining at a rate of 132% per annum.
We express our gratitude to all our partners and congratulate you on the growth of personal incomes.
Let`s mine together!

14.01.2018 MiningNow – results of 2017

Hello dear partners!

The team of the international project MiningNow, which is being implemented by a Bulgarian company AA! LAB, hastens to inform you that our general mining continues to develop consistently and successfully.
Let us tell you some results of organizational and production activities achieved in 2017.
The strategic partner of our project was the largest aluminum producer United Company RUSAL. In the nearest future, on the basis of one of the plants located in the village of Nadvoitsy (Republic of Karelia) a data processing center will be built. As part of an agreement between the United Company RUSAL and the Bulgarian company AA! LAB, this center is planned to be equipped with 5000 computing units, servers and workstations. Estimated power consumption of installed equipment is expected to be 6 megawatts.
Meanwhile, the international MiningNow project is already being implemented in Bulgaria and Russia, the other day the generating capacities are going to be increased due to the equipment installed in Kazakhstan.
Today the stages of Pre-Sale and Pre-ICO completed with positive dynamics. And in January the 15th our investors will be able to make sure that they have joined the project which is interested in increasing the personal incomes of each partner. We all are going to have a successful 2018.
Let`s mine together!

22.12.2017 Dear investors!

There was a long-awaited charging of MNW tokens!

Please check your balance in your account.  

The MiningNow!

10.12.2017 Industrial mining vs. cloud one – 5:0

AA! LAB is a European company that implements an international project Mining Now. We are engaged in industrial mining, and this allows us to carry out a successful crowdfunding, to guarantee the MNW token value`s growth and accordingly a stable profit for our investors.
Thus, comparing the Mining Now project with cloud mining is fundamentally wrong. There`re fundamental differences between us. As evidence, the administration of the project gives five serious points that will help dispel leisured conjectures.
1. Industrial mining provides high profitability. ROI is carried out by monthly payments of at least 36%, in the future it is planned to bring this figure to 66%. In addition, it should be taken into account that the growth in the cost of the MNW token for the first year will be 180%. It is easy to calculate that the total profit for this period will be up to 245% of the initial investment.
2. Participation in industrial mining is a high degree of reliability and economic security. An investor purchases MNW tokens, which actually makes him a co-owner of the computing capacities of the Mining Now project. At the same time, monthly payments are provided at a rate of 3% of the current value of MNW tokens and have a predisposition to growth.
3. The participants in our project get an opportunity to receive payments in rubles (Russia, withholding personal income tax), in euros (European countries), in cryptocurrency (for everybody). The choice is left to each investor at will.
4. The project of Mining Now is characterized by transparency in the formation of income and clarity in calculations. Distribution is based on the principle – 30% to holders of MNW tokens, the rest is directed to increase generating capacities. Since the number of our tokens is strictly defined, as the generation increases, payments to investors also do, exceeding the targeted 3%.
5. Industrial mining, in contrast to the cloud one, doesn`t rent equipment, but has its own generating capacities. That`s why the MNW tokens, unlike the cloud analogues, have collateral in the form of material assets. And each investor can use the right of repurchase at any time by selling the MNW tokens belonging to him at the nominal value to the project`s administration.

We aren`t in the clouds, we get capital together with you.
Let’s mine together!

02.12.2017 Good afternoon! Congratulations to all participants of the Mining Now project!

RUSAL became our strategic partner!

A memorandum has already been concluded on the site in Karelia, negotiations are underway on sites in eastern Siberia and Kazakhstan. We received the minimum cost of electricity and the most favored nation treatment!

Reflection of this, you can see in the press:

If you have not managed to invest yet, we remind you that Pre-ICO ends on December 4!

We will be happy to give you answers to any issues you are concerned about!

Questions can also be asked in the telegram channel: @MiningNow_EN

Let’s mine together!
Mining Now Team!

30.11.2017 Rusal Turns to Cryptocurrency Mining to Help Struggling Smelter 2017-11-30

By Yuliya Fedorinova (Bloomberg) — United Co. Rusal, the biggest aluminum producer outside China, is partnering with a cryptocurrency miner to help to bring new life to one of its struggling smelters in northern Russia.

Rusal is building a data center at its Nadvoitsy smelter, which it will charge firms to use for IT services such as data analysis and machine learning, according to a statement. Bulgaria-based AA!LAB, founded by Russian businessman Alexey Zenkov, is working to create industrial capacity for cryptocurrency mining and is the first partner in the project. The data center will bring new revenue to the smelter, which is running at half its capacity after Rusal shuttered unprofitable production a few years ago amid weaker aluminum prices and a global glut.

The site is attractive to IT firms as the cold climate means less energy is need to keep machinery cool, while companies also have access to cheap electricity from En+ Group Plc’s nearby hydropower station which supplies the smelter. Rusal’s billionaire owner Oleg Deripaska has been eyeing opportunity in cryptocurrencies for several years and En+, which he also controls, started a data center in Siberia earlier this year. Digital currencies have become a hot topic lately, with bitcoin this week surging above $11,000 for the first time. Read more: Ukrainian shipper Varamar plans to accept bitcoin payments Rusal plans to commission the venture with AA!LAB in the third quarter of next year.

The first phase of the data center will consist of 5,000 computing units, servers and workstations, and the equipment will require 6 megawatts of power. The producer has also allocated about 5 hectares (12 acres) of vacant area at the site for the future needs of the data center, Alexey Arnautov, Rusal’s director for new projects, said in the statement.

16.11.2017 Mining Now tokens will be issued in December 4th

Pre-Sale and Pre-ICO are being successfully completed, it’s only 19 days left till the end, the first payment of income is going to happen in a month.

AA! LAB company announces that in January 15th, 2018, the owners of the tokens, who participated in Pre-Sale and Pre-ICO of the international Mining Now project before December 1st of this year, will be able to receive their first payments of their incomes.

According to Alexei Zenkov, the founder and project manager of Mining Now, as an additional Christmas bonus all participants of the Pre-ICO will get a gift – the first payment of the amount of tokens purchased is going to be 5 %. You will be able to choose the type of payment (cryptocurrency or fiat) on your account on the Mining Now website. Accounts will open in December 5th, 2017. AA! LAB Company thanks everyone who joined the blockchain project.

13.11.2017 United Company RUSAL and AA! LAB Company signed a memorandum

United Company RUSAL and AA! LAB Company signed a memorandum

The parties are working on signing an agreement in the field of digital technologies.

The content of the document on modalities of the cooperation between the world’s largest aluminum producer and the Russian representative office of the Bulgarian company will be announced in a joint statement of both parties in the nearest future.
The agreement provides the maximum use of RUSAL and AA! LAB facilities for solving strategic tasks in the development of modern computer and digital technologies (blockchain).
It is planned that the agreement will be signed before the ICO of the international project Mining Now.

12.11.2017 Mining Now will be presented at the international investment forum “Challenge of Time” in Moscow in November 24th

Mining Now will be presented at the international investment forum
“Challenge of Time” in Moscow in November 24th

The International Investment Road Show Forum “Challenge of Time” – 2017 is held for investors and companies that raise funds for their projects through IPO, ICO, bonds and direct investments. The Bulgarian company AA! LAB will also be a participant in the Moscow business summit. It is going to present a forward – looking blockchain project Mining Now.
According to Alexei Zenkov, the founder and head of this international project, potential investors will be able to get acquainted with the advantages of industrial mining, estimate the economic model of Mining Now, and find out how we plan to develop a hi-tech project in the future.
On the next Tuesday already, within the frameworks of preparation for the international investment forum, Zenkov is going to make a report at the round table of the St. Petersburg “OPORA RUSSIA”* office. The event is devoted to problems of using free energy capacities in the north-west of Russia. The project manager of Mining Now is going to offer to discuss the usage of such capacities for the operation of industrial mining.
As Alexei Zenkov assures, he is ready to answer all questions concerning the mining of cryptocurrency, and also the public system of income distribution for tokens owners.
The International Investment Road Show Forum “Challenge of Time” – 2017 positions itself as a platform for the investors who can enter at the very beginning of submitted projects or for those who already operate their businesses entering a new stage of development. Participants of the forum are invited to consider various forms of investment: equity, debt participation in business: pre-IPO / IPO, pre-ICO / ICO, bonds, etc.

*The all – Russian non – governmental organization of small and medium business “OPORA RUSSIA”

30.10.2017 International project Mining Now

International project Mining Now is ready to come to the State Duma of Russia
According to the statement of the committee for education and science deputy Boris Chernyshov, on 25th of December the first world meeting of miners is going to be held there. The deputy has information that representatives of 16 countries will participate in the event, including Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, the United States and others.
“We, as representatives of Bulgaria in the field of mining, are interested in visiting such a meeting,” Aleksei Zenkov comments, the founder and project manager of Mining Now. “The main generating capacities of the project are now located exactly in Russia because of the low cost of electricity. And it is understandable that interaction with the legislative superior bodies contribute us, miners, to the understanding of the rules of the game which will be established by the Russian state.”
As the organizers of the first world meeting consider, it promises to become interesting. In particular, because Russia has already formed a sufficient number of structures that deal with blocking technologies and mining. Two months ago the Cryptocurrencies and blockchain association was established. German Klimenko, President Vladimir Putin for the Internet issued councilor, was at the origin of it.
It would be more correct to call the Mining Now project, which identifies itself as a Bulgarian one, international. After all, it mines cryptocurrency in the territory of Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.
According to its founder and CEO Aleksei Zenkov, communication with colleagues in the blockchain field and State Duma deputies will allow discussing the creation of the favorable legal framework and the most advanced legislation which will help to attract developers to Russian jurisdiction.
“This, in turn, will lead to the effective use of spare electricity on the market, and perhaps even the receipt of some preferences for the miners who work legally in Russia,” the head of the international Mining Now project says.