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16.07.2018 Payments for June 2018

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16.05.2018 Payments for April

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Also, further plans for the development of the project will be published.

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02.03.2018 A year in jail for selling bitcoins

24-year-old resident of Pennsylvania, Eldon Stone Ross, has been sentenced to spending a year in federal prison, after which he still has to pay a $ 40,000 fine and to serve three years of supervised release.

The enterprising guy tried to sell the cryptocurrency, but in his case, his buyers were federal agents. The prosecution lies in the fact that Ross made no efforts to find out whether the buyers had a license for such an activity.

Under US law, licensed platforms, such as Coinbase, report transactions involving more than $ 10.000 to the Department of the Treasury. In the case of the accused, an attempt to sell bitcoins equivalent to $ 1.5 million was made. Also Ross admitted that he had previously made transactions of $ 50.000 in total.

Such a case is unique for the US judicial system. The Assistant Prosecutor, who participated in the trial, said that it was the first one in his experience.

By the way, the fact that earlier Ross had already served time in jail for heroin trafficking wasn`t good for him.


02.03.2018 Eco – friendly mining

Today is the first day of spring, and I want to talk about something warm.

The Japanese company Kumamoto-Energy Co Ltd, a producer and supplier of electricity made by solar batteries, appears to set up an affiliate company last November that operates cryptocurrency mining business using the power capacity purchased from it. It was announced on February the 20th by the company`s representatives.

Here`s another response to the hysterical moods the media are inflating that the cryptocurrency industry will lead to a global energy collapse.

The affiliate foundation OZ Mining is the desire to use the available electricity, that Kumamoto-Energy has, most effectively, as well as an excellent example of the use of renewable energy sources for cryptocurrency mining.

OZ Mining gets electricity from the head company at a price of ¥ 10-19 / kWh, depending on the season, the contract and the supply areas.

The experience of Kumamoto-Energy Co Ltd isn`t the first example of the use of nature forces for mining. For example, Iceland has launched the Moonlite project, which is a 15 megawatt cryptocurrency plant. Only energy generated from hydro, wind and geothermal sources is going to be used here.



01.03.2018 Bitcoin for adults only

There’s a popular opinion that the cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a women deficit. They say, digital novelty is not for the fair sex.

Contrary to the above, in the media there’s been recently the news that strip dancers in one of the Las Vegas nightclubs get wages in bitcoins.

There’s a cryptocurrency ATM in Legends Room club and its customers can purchase a digital currency there. Girls have temporary tattoos with QR codes bound to their bitcoin accounts. Any client using a phone application can thank a beauty for her lively dance with any amount in the first cryptocurrency.

The idea’s interesting. According to the owner of the foundation Nick Blomgren, this opportunity is good for both parties: a customer gets confidentiality and anonymity, and dancers have no problems with banks, as they’re often refused to be serviced because of the lack of transparency of the money’s origins.

In addition to the above amenities, it’s been made to attract large cryptocurrency investors, who find it as ordinary to pay with digital money as we do with fiats.

One of the girls, 26-year-old Brenna Sparks, said that customers pay quite often this way. She’s sure that such decisions are developing the industry for adults in civilized forms, as it’s anonymous, modern and fast.


28.02.2018 7 square kilometers of freedom

The self-proclaimed European state of Liberland took up the issue of cryptocurrency.

Lieberland is on a neutral territory between the borders of Croatia and Serbia and it`s announced its intention to issue its own cryptocurrency on April 13, which will mark the country`s third anniversary.

Formed in 2015, the state doesn`t cease fighting for its independence. Initially, it was planned to use bitcoin as a national currency, but, apparently, because of the possible forthcoming international regulation of the main cryptocurrency, it was decided to issue its own tokens.

On the territory of Liberland, which has about a hundred citizens, there are no state taxes and control over the circulation of weapon. President Vit Jedlicka raises funds in bitcoins and ethereum for the needs of the state. He issues passports to new citizens and something tells us that it`s not free.

How to take it? Every day the problem of freedom in the modern world is becoming more and more acute. Cryptocurrency is a big step towards this direction, and the emergence of a digital coin in Liberland was inevitable.

However, there`re more questions than answers about Liberland. The state, the area of which is 7 square kilometers, hasn`t been recognized by the whole world yet. It doesn`t have any economy, and, as far as we can judge according to open sources, any serious development strategy. It hardly has the future. Unfortunately… Only digital one maybe …



27.02.2018 Do you like pizza like Laszlo Hanyecz?

On May 22, 2010, a developer Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas using cryptocurrency for the first time in history, paying 10,000 BTC.

The twitter account @bitcoin_pizza daily publishes the cost of a premier purchase with respect to a current bitcoin rate. Today, those two Italian dishes cost $ 98.300.725. He had a good meal, don`t you think so?

Years later, Hanyecz (how didn`t he go mad?) decided to repeat the purchase with the only difference that this time the goal was to try out the Lightning network. According to Laszlo, he had to ask his London friends to sign a subcontract with a local pizza delivery service. It could be avoided if the pizzeria had its own lightning node.

This time two pizzas cost much cheaper – 649.000 Satoshi, which was about $ 62. At the time of transfer of the order, he checked with a courier the first and last four digits of the 16-digit transaction, which confirmed the fact of payment. If he didn`t provide those data, the food would be destroyed.

To show his success, Hanyecz posted a photo of his family members, pizza, children wearing T-shirts “I love pizza” and “I love bitcoin”, and on the table there`s a part of the Lightning transaction code.

Recall that the first purchase through the Lightning network occurred on January 20, 2018. User Reddit / u / btc_throwaway1337 bought a VPN-router using TorGuard payment system.


25.02.2018 Samsung S9 will mine

The new flagship Samsung smartphone model has the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency due to its powerful processor and video card. It`s been stated by the developers.

Outwardly it`s not really different from its predecessor S8. Among its innovations we can note its camera with the effect of slow – mo. Also there`s a very fun feature. Most of the device’s functions, such as video shooting, bank operations, calls to certain contacts to which the owner sets restrictions, in a sober state of an owner won`t be available. It`s not reported whether the mining function will be available this case.

It`s difficult for us to imagine how many tokens it`s possible to mine this way, but it`s obvious that general love for cryptocurrencies covers more and more spheres of the economy. A smartphone, that, it should be noted, is always with us and is an integral part of our life and work, will also earn money …

Samsung’s main competitor is Apple. We came across an interesting table with the calculation of the profitability of bitcoin mining on iPhone X – the latest model of the popular smartphones at the moment. So, in this calculation there are approximately such figures: in an hour 0.000001 BTC is mined, during a day – 0.000028 BTC, during a month – 0.000852 BTC, and for the year it`s 0.010360 BTC. Taking into account that mining is 24/7.

Will see what results S9 will show, but something tells us they`ll be within the same limits.

What conclusion can we draw? Of course, now you won`t be able to make a lot of money (iPhone X mines about 97 dollars during a year at today’s rate), but the opportunity is nice. Probably, over time, technology will reach such heights that the amount of mined digital money will suffice for life.

24.02.2018 National cryptocurrencies fashion

Apparently, Venezuela set a new world trend. After the appearance of El Petro, three countries immediately announced their intention to launch their national cryptocurrencies. Namely, Turkey, Iran and the British Overseas Territory Montserrat.

In Turkey the future digital money is planned to be called “Turkcoin”. The initiator, the deputy chairman of Turkey`s Nationalist Movement Party Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, substantiates the necessity by the fact the country should keep up with the times, be in trend. At the same time, he urged a clear regulation of this financial sphere in order to avoid illegal use of tokens.

Iran’s Minister of Information Technology and Communications Mohammad Azari Jahromi said that the launch of its own cryptocurrency would reduce the impact of sanctions imposed by the United States on the country. He noted that the implementation of the project would be held by Postal Bank of Iran, which in the very near future is announcing a tender for the development of a digital platform.

Recall that on the first day of sales of El Petro, Venezuela, which, according to the authorities, is provided with oil, raised $ 735 million – a good start! It should be noted that right after that, the authorities announced the launch of the second national cryptocurrency, which, unlike the first one, will be provided with gold and gems. Got all excited!



23.02.2018 Bought bitcoins and became a student of NYU

Sooner or later every parent faces the problem on how to give his child a decent and proper education. Some save up for years, others go on tick for it, some just have money.

But the ancestors of Konig Chen, born in Brazil and then graduated from high school in Taiwan, were lucky, as their enterprising son solved the vital problem himself.

A year ago he invested all his savings saved up for study, in bitcoins, and at the end of the last academic year bought some more. In December 2017, Chen sold all coins at the rate that exceeded the purchase price by 18 times, and got about $ 200,000.

This amount is more than enough for him to pay a four-year course at New York University and to rent a proper accommodation for the entire period of study.

Chen admitted that he had previously planned to bind his profession with logistics and tourism, but such a successful investment could influence on his final decision.

It is always joyful to read such success stories when characters were not afraid to take risks and went for something new and unexplored. Well, life thanks bold spirits for that in full !


21.02.2018 Blocking for the welfare of tenants

In China they intend to launch a real estate rental platform, implemented with the help of distributed registry technology. A new district of Beijing called Xiongan New Area will be presented in the service.
Several parties, namely Ant Financial, China Construction Bank and Lianjia agency will take part in the project. The platform`s system will be introduced by an ordinary system, where each user can leave a feedback about the object, others can confirm or deny it, but thanks to decentralization, no one can change it. This will form an objective opinion on the quality of the services provided.

This will help solve the problem existing in today’s China, when the market is not systematized, information about objects is twisted and illegal realtors work. Hence, there is a mistrust of consumers, and sometimes their money losses.

China often becomes a newsmaker. Here we see that, despite the tough and rigid position of the state in relation to cryptocurrencies and ICO, blockchain as a technology is positively considered. And this view inevitably contributes to the development of various branches of the national economy.


21.02.2018 According to Sharia law

The company HelloGold got permission from the financial regulator of Malaysia to launch Islamic cryptocurrency GOLDX and conduct operations with it.

Among the features of these tokens, one can note they are provided with the organization`s gold, which is stored in Singapore, and the possibility to make transactions with them strictly at the certain time. Also this cryptocurrency completely excludes anonymity, everything will be personalized. Credit restrictions, lack of speculative character of the token are other features of the Muslim coin. It is necessary to abide by the terms complied with the Sharia law.

A representative of HelloGold explained to Reuters that they plan to promote the project to the countries of South-East Asia, especially great expectations are related to Thailand.

According to the head of the Central Bank of Malaysia Muhammad Ibrahim, the government is developing legislation to regulate the market of cryptocurrencies, the main purpose of which is to provide full control over operations and identification of users.

This is not the first approach to launching Muslim cryptocurrency – last fall, the nited Araba Emirates announced Arabcoin, whose price was planned to bound to the prices on gold.

However, the Muslims are not the only ones who are attempting to issue digital money with religious overtones. So, last summer in Russia, Bitcoen token appeared, which, according to its creators` ideas, should correspond to the religious norms of the Jewish community.


19.02.2018 MoneroV appearance is postponed for a week

Monero hard fork developers reported on a week`s postponement, the date has shifted from the 7th to the 14th of March 2018.

The event will occur at block 1529810, each holder of this cryptocurrency will receive new coins in the rate of 1 XMR:10 XMV.

Unlike the first one, the MoneroV emission will be limited to 256 million units, assure the implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol to scale the network, which can`t achieved on the original one. Blocks are planned to be created every two minutes, at the end of each of them the complexity will be corrected, the PoW algorithm is implemented in the platform work.

Crypto-investors, such as Vincent Briatore, have high hopes for an increase in the rate of the main coin Monero, which they actively write on social networks and film about. It is worth noting that the news about the postponement of a hard fork often causes panic in the community, but in this case, the developers are right to talk to users and clarify things.

At the time of writing, Monero’s capitalization is on the 12th place among other cryptocurrencies, the rate is 309 USD for a coin. It is quite possible that after the hard fork, it will break into the TOP 10.

It is to be hoped that with the growth of its rate, the activity of cybercriminals won`t increase even more, since a large percentage of their activities, directed at illegal use of others devices` capacities, is aimed at mining this cryptocurrency.



19.02.2018 A mysterious stranger and bitcoin in ethereum …

People like counting others’ money and gossip about it wherever it`s possible!

With their pleasure social networks discuss the news published by In the period from the 9th to the 12th of February an anonymous bought bitcoins for the amount of about 400 million dollars. Over the period the balance on his wallet changed from 55 thousand to 96.65 thousand coins, which at the current rate is almost equivalent to a billion dollars.

The funniest thing is that there are even those who considered it to be a secret conspiracy. And what`s the conspiracy? Isn`t it logical, having a positive view on the bitcoin course, to buy it during its fall? There are always those who sell, those who buy and those who are hysterical.

Meanwhile, the news of this week is encouraging. For example, J.P.Morgan predict that by the middle of the year bitcoin will start beating price records again.

By the way, have you heard anything about the full copy of the first cryptocurrency on Ethereum`s blockchain? It’s amazing, but the 0xBitcoin token has been really launched with all the ensuing consequences – halving once in four years, the PoW algorithm, the issue of 21 million coins.

Developers of Ethereum took this news ambiguously. The main question that puzzled them was why? It`s difficult to disagree with them. But the very phenomenon is really interesting – a competitor in the competitor’s blockchain is exciting! Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology erase all possible barriers, changing the world and consciousness of millions of people!


17.02.2018 “By plane, by train, by car”

Ukraine presented a blockchain ticket for public transport

Vladimir Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, said that by the end of the year there will be a single blockchain ticket for all types of transport, including planes and railways.
Everyone can get a ticket with the help of the special application created on the basis of the distributed register technology. According to the Minister, the program will determine a passenger`s location, then offer options for a route to any destination in the world using different kinds of transport.
Before launching the project, it is necessary to develop a single register of bus carriers, Omelyan said. Blockchain, according to the creators` idea, will exclude fraud within the service.
Unfortunately, there is no information about the budget of the innovation and where financing comes from. The idea gives the impression of a convenient and technological product, but whether Ukraine can bring it to the right condition, taking into account the economic and political situation in the country – this is anyone`s guess. We just have to keep our fingers crossed!


16.02.2018 On a sleigh with bitcoin

The US Olympic luge team has opened its own bitcoin-fund.

The Yankees want to organize support for the team at the level of the World Cup and popularize cryptocurrencies in the world.

Since last December, the US Luge Foundation has been carrying out fundraising work in bitcoins. The initiators hope that the crypto community will assist the sleigh drivers, for which the athletes intend, in turn, to promote cryptocurrencies at the largest world-class competitions.

One of the first payments was made by former Olympian Ty Danko, who is currently engaged in investments on Wall Street. He said that he considers this step to be an excellent investment in the future. After all, the fund is aimed at a long-term perspective of its activities, since cryptocurrencies are a young and rapidly developing industry.

Marketing director of the fund and silver medalist of the Olympic Games Gordy Sheer explained this step by the fact that speed and risk are characteristic for luge. They are usual for cryptocurrencies too.

Depending on the size of the fund, the team plans to apply the bitcoin logo to advertising products, uniform and even sleighs. The athletes joked that if they manage to raise 21 million bitcoins (maximum issue), they will find Satoshi Nakamoto and put him in a sleigh.


14.02.2018 A really tempting offer?

Hacker activity on the World Wide Web is gaining momentum.

It has recently become known attackers infected more than 4.000 computers in the United States and Great Britain, including those belonging to government agencies, in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there was an expression for hidden mining – cryptojacking.
However, there are Internet resources offering to share with them the extra resources of your computer in exchange for any additional benefits or part of the profit.
For example, Salon, an American news portal, offers its visitors in exchange for a spare resource of their computer not to display ads on the site, which distracts from reading articles. There is an assumption that in this way the owners want to mine cryptocurrency. In the official explanation they talk about using extra power for starting with technology of blockchain to analysis of signals from space. Admit it, the formulation is very vague and questionable.
In the pop-up window on the site pops up the inscription: “We use ads so that our site and content remains free for you.”
There are a lot of questions that have no answers. For example, how much time does a person need to spend on a news portal so that he is so annoyed by ads and agrees to certain terms? Or how many ads are there on the site so that they drive you mad? Of course, there are trash – sites where a page is full of banners, but it is unlikely that Salon refers to one of them, as the media writes about it.
However, as it seems to us, there are two simple solutions for users: either to agree or not. Moreover, the second option is preferable. There is an analogy, perhaps far – fetched, with a session of hypnosis. Would you let someone get into your head without having good reasons for this?

14.02.2018 Billion dollars in sacrifice and not only

 Story about an actor and lover of computer games becoming the leader of opinions in the cryptocurrency world

The 37-year-old the Bitcoin Foundation chairman Brock Pierce said he would donate $ 1 billion to the decentralized autonomous community, made through the new EOS blockchain.
According to him, the community is planning to be organized as a charitable organization, where all participants will vote on the allocation of funds.
Brock notes he is not afraid to invest that much, as he earns even more.
It is worth noting that the entrepreneur went through an interesting path of art. As a child, he acted in films (maybe someone will remember the drama “The Mighty Ducks”, 1992), at the age of 17 he co-founded the Internet resource Digital Entertainment Network, which was the predecessor of YouTube, but later went bankrupt.
Pierce starting the blockchain industry is another story. Having a predilection for computer games, in 2000s he managed to build one of the largest platforms for trading virtual game assets, Internet Gaming Entertainment. Attracting thousands of gamers from China to the super popular online games, such as World of Warcraft, the entrepreneur sold the received rewards for real money, thus making a good fortune.
In such an unpretentious way, dealing with arbitration of the same games, he came to the first cryptocurrencies, and subsequently became a successful and well-known character in this field, whose assets as of January 2018 by various estimates are 700-1.000 million dollars.
Now Brock Pierce resides in Puerto Rico, taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the tax legislation of this country, not to pay income tax. At different periods of time he was an investor in such projects as Mastercoin, Blockchain Capital, Coinbase, Ethereum, Tether and Bitfury.
The person, without exaggeration, is remarkable. A good example of how a person who has a sense of purpose, intelligence and love for everything new can achieve incredible success.

12.02.2018 Attention! DNA for sale!

Scientists at Harvard University are sure everyone can earn.

They have made Nebula Genomics startup. Its idea is to organize the storage, transfer and sale of genetic information. According to the idea of the initiators, anyone can monetize their DNA by providing the key to the encrypted DNA information to an interested person. And in return receive tokens, which in the future, if desired, can be converted to fiats.

The project`s leader is the geneticist George Church, known for his work in the field of genome sequencing and interpreting the data in synthetic biology and genetic engineering.

The interested party which needs large amount of DNA data is pharmacological companies which study the correlation of DNA information and diseases. Such research helps in the search for medicines for serious diseases. Now these organizations spend millions of dollars to buy such information from academic institutions or companies for the analysis of genetic data.

Blockchain makes it possible to reduce the cost of genome`s decoding to $ 1.000 which is available to a wide range of people. And for those who do not have this money, it will be possible to put their genome for sale not decoding it to find an investor ready to pay for the procedure.

The ICO start date has not been announced yet. It is expected that pharmaceutical companies will become its active participants. Organizers assure that the circulation of Nebula tokens is provided exclusively within the market of genetic information and, unlike popular cryptocurrencies, they can not be used for purchases.


12.02.2018 Blockchain Academy will open its doors in China

Ex-employees of two Chinese Internet giants decided to build an academy to train up specialists in the blockchain industry.

Jianxiang Mo, the Ex-Chief Architect from Alibaba, and Haiyang Xu, the Ex-Chief Architect from Baidu, combined efforts to create an educational institution focused to help develop the future generation of talents in the field of FinTech.
According to Mo, only a few hundred people in China are able to write the public key code. Thus, we can see the lack of staff, and the educational services of the Academy will be in great demand, like future graduates. The creators compare their offspring with the elite military academy, which will be graduated by generals in the FinTech field.
There are no details on the Academy`s location and the curriculum yet. It is only known that the volume of investments has already amounted to $ 100 million. Xu and Mo promise to start the school by the end of 2018.
And at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, they are recruiting for the course “Legal foundations and practices of working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects”. And although here we are talking about the regulation of cryptocurrency market, we can assume that the number of universities and training courses, which have the word “blockchain” in the title, will eventually grow.


11.02.2018 What you should not do

Really funny stories of the category “What were they expecting for” appear in news feeds from time to time.
Two workers of the nuclear center in the city of Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, were caught in the misuse of a supercomputer, which is supposed to be used for performing scientific tasks. They did not come up with anything smart but bringing such an expensive and important device to the World Wide Web (it does not have access) to mine bitcoin. Obviously, the security service of the scientific institution reacted and exposed the plotter criminals, taking them to the FSB of Russia. The investigation is being carried on, miners-losers have written undertaking not to leave the place.
And in Kemerovo, an employee of a management company equipped a cryptofarm in the back room of the apartment house, which he was also exposed in.
An inhabitant of Angarsk rented a room in a tram park, where he installed equipment for mining digital money. Everything was revealed when the landlords received an electricity bill.
The head of Sberbank of Russia, German Gref, has recently admitted that the use of bank equipment for mining cryptocurrency was repeated many times.
And these are only a few cases. Interest in cryptocurrency, as a way to earn money, and perhaps a lot of money, is growing. However, as we can see, it is not always possible to take the right steps. And it is much easier to build relations with industrial mining. Then you have no problems with intelligence agencies.


10.02.2018 The dark net changes preferences

Representatives of a far-famed in the inner circle Recorded Future company, dealing with cybersecurity, suggested that in the Darknet in 2018 the cryptocurrency leader will change. It is Bitcoin so far, but Litecoin and DASH are increasingly competing with it.
Researchers say that after studying about 150 forums, marketplaces and illegal services of the dark web, they came to the conclusion: a third of resources support Litecoin, 20% – DASH.
A representative of Dash Core Group took the statement with indignation, assuring that 20% is an absurd figure, which has no evidence.
Nevertheless, we can see the tendency when alcoins start catching up with the first cryptocurrency, and the reasons for this can be explained by a high commission for transactions and workload of the network, a sharp correction of the exchange rate. And the statistics confirms this: in March 2017 the share of bitcoin in the capitalization of the market was fluctuating at the level of 70%, and today it is 35% – a two times fall.
Darknet is an area of the World Wide Web where resources are not indexed by search engines, and personal data is closed to trackers and law enforcement. As one might guess, banned goods trade, like drugs, weapons, hacker services, etc., sometimes flourishes here. You can get into the dark area of the Internet through special anonymizers, ordinary browsers do not give such an opportunity.
By the way, there is some interesting news on the Darknet. In Bangkok, at the request of the FBI, Sergei Medvedev was detained, suspected of organizing an Infraud site, a Darknet resource which was used to sell fake credit cards, illegal financial information, weapons, drugs, etc. 100.000 BTC were found on the account of the figurant, it is a huge amount of money! Earlier, on February 6, the US authorities closed Infraud, 32 members of the group have been already arrested on the case.




In the state of New York, the United States, the authorities are planning to start an ambitious project to re-equip an abandoned smeltery in the village of Massena to a huge mining farm, where they will install no less than 180.000 (one hundred and eighty thousand !!!) miners, and the target cryptocurrency will be bitcoin.
The location of the project`s implementation is due to the availability of cheap electricity supplied from a nearby hydroelectric plant. The output power will reach 15 MW.
The volume of investments is about $ 165 million. In addition to the business component, an important factor for initiators is 150 workplaces made during the implementation of the plan. These are security personnel, IT specialists, service staff, electricians, whose average annual salary will be $ 46.000.
The implementation period is two years. 75 employees will be hired in 2018, 75 – in 2019.
We may be wrong, but perhaps this project will launch the largest cryptocurrency farm in the world. It is pleasant to understand that a relatively new industry is beginning to affect the society providing people with jobs in places where there may not be enough ones. There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing large cryptoplants for currencies mining, but they announce the number of 3.000 miners. OK, 5.000. And here they have 180.000!
We will wait for the news from the state of New York. It is really interesting! And it would be nice to get how they will manage to reject such an incredibly huge amount of heat generated during the technological process. We wish good luck to our American colleagues!

07.02.2018 In search of lost ships

Deepwater Systems, an Ecuadorian team of enthusiasts, took the challenge to search sunken ships, using modern technologies for this fascinating process, namely artificial intelligence and blockchain.
Surely, in childhood everyone with some thrill read or watched films about pirates and treasure hunt, imagining being adventurers! And you know what? Someone’s old dreams come true!
The complexity of prospecting is the disparity of historical data, point-wise deep-sea studies and inaccurate calculations.
At the bottom of the World Ocean there are about three million vessels containing good valued trillion dollars (according to UNESCO). The most interesting places with a high probability of finding objects are the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea basin and the “Golden Triangle of Treasures.”
The main idea of the project is the following: the system Deep Learning developed by the company allows you to recognize underwater objects with an accuracy of 98%. The data of the autonomous scanning of a seabed is sent to a consort from specially designed unmanned underwater vehicles called gliders made with the introduction of artificial intelligence technology.
All information will be transmitted and stored on blockchain. The end product will be lots with the goods` coordinates, which are planned to be sold from the auction. Thus, in addition to own benefit, it will provide an extra inflow of money into the crypto industry.
As we see, the company plans to engage only in research activities. It`s understandable, as organizing the lifting of something from the bottom of the sea is the matter that requires completely different capital investments and skills. It can be assumed that there are a lot of people who would like to buy this kind of information.



05.02.2018 “Was swimming once along the Yangtze River and thinking: the Chinese have done good job!”

Baidu, the Chinese search engine, presented the general public an analog of the CryptoKitties project, but this time the main characters are not kittens, but puppies. The startup was called “Leci Gou” or “Pet Chain”.
Recall, CryptoKitties appeared last year and became a headache for the developers of the blockchain Ethereum, since with the launch the cryptocurrency network began to experience overloads, which significantly increased the transaction time.
Whose blockchain will be use by “Leci Gou” is not known yet. Already now, the site of the project presents different types of puppies, each has its own cost and rarity. It is assumed that users will buy and develop pets, exchange them, and all such operations will be reflected in the project’s blockchain.
The authors of the project are their own search system`s specialists, who among others take part in the development of projects of the Hyperledger consortium.
Already now, any logged in user can get one crypto-puppy and 1000 points for trading operations using them.
The whole story with CryptoKitties and Leci Gou reminds a fun toy from the 90s, that was called Tamagotchi. It was an electronic gadget, where a digital pet lived. It had to be looked after, fed, and if the care of a pet was improper, it died. It is interesting that now it has taken a completely different form, and digital pets are sold for very serious money.

04.02.2018 First Swallow

It became known that the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase sent its users in the US 1099-K tax form.

According to company`s representatives, this form applies to those who exceeded the required threshold, namely, made more than 200 transactions or exceeded the total amount of transactions which is $ 20,000 during the year.
This also includes business accounts on the GDAX exchange, in particular accounts whose operations for selling cryptocurrency for cash exceeded the thresholds. At the same time, the platform’s employees explain, the innovation concerns only those who received digital money in exchange for the provision of goods or services, and does not affect miners or persons who transferred personal funds.
Social networks are seething with discontent. The main complaints are that users were not notified beforehand about such measures, and their data was passed to the tax authorities. In addition, ostensibly, the received documents indicate amounts that exceed the actual ones.
The discontent is understandable, but, no matter how sad it may seem, this development was predictable and inevitable. The state does not tolerate the movement of money “out in the left field.” Last week same news came from India. In Russia, the authorities are trying to curb the law regulating cryptocurrencies, which will entail taxation. Now China is not ready to work out an unambiguous policy on this issue. Conflicting news every week comes from South Korea.
The question is difficult, serious and important. We hope that all the same the regulatory legislation will be implemented within the framework of common sense, and will not inflict any serious blow on the industry, which is important not only from an economic, but also from a technological point of view.



04.02.2018 FedEx services will become more transparent

You have certainly watched Robert Zemeckis’ remarkable film “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks. There he plays an employee of the postal company FedEx. In the plot the plane the character is on in his line of work, crashes, and Chuck, our character`s name, is on a desert island. Because of the loneliness and melancholy, if you remember, he begins to talk with the ball, seeing him as the only friend and companion in this difficult life situation. He even gives him the name Wilson. And how he cried when the ball was blown into the ocean …
This prologue leads to the fact that if the action of the film took place not in 1995-2000, but now, the character of Hanks could have long conversations with Wilson on the introduction of blockchain technology in the work of the company FedEx.
The modernization was the result of the accession of one of the largest transport companies to the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). According to the industry publication FreightWaves, the in the frameworks of the alliance the organization is testing several developments, including integration of blockchain technologies into their daily operations.
According to Dale Christie, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Analysis, the program has already been launched to store data needed to resolve disputes. Its purpose is to identify information for a permanent ledger, which is required for convenient facilitation of disputes between customers and the company.
Christie believes that blockchain is a perspective technology which is able to simplify the data exchange process.
And Kevin Humphreys, FedEx IT Senior Vice President, expressed the same optimistic thoughts, adding that the innovations will make it more convenient to track parcels not only while they are at the company’s disposal, but before and after. That’s really interesting!
The conversation between Chuck and Wilson could have been long and interesting, as blockchain is chasm of possibilities, just like any technological breakthrough! By the way, who have not watched the film – spare time, it is really fascinating – a modern Robinsonade, funny and sad, however, like our whole life.

02.02.2018 Blockchain city

The government of Taipei, Taiwan, has reached an agreement with IOTA on its intention to become a smart city, using the technology of blockchain. The choice of the metropolitan administration fell on IOTA because of their technology Tangle, which is able to provide a number of new solutions for residents.
The first step will be the creation of identity cards “TangleID”, which will store all the necessary information for interaction with government authorities, including data on citizen`s health. This initiative is primarily related to the need to eliminate the risks of personal data`s theft and fraud of votes. “TangleID” is planned to be made in the size of a palm and, among other things, equipped with sensors that show the actual state of the environment, such as humidity, temperature and pollution levels.
It isn`t reported yet on the further steps of the implementation of blockchain into the megacity`s life, but on all grounds the project is very ambitious. We hope that the experiment will be successful, and innovations will go beyond the boundaries of one settlement.
Similar experiments are held not only in Taipei, but each place has its features. Now it is difficult to say exactly where the technological thought will go further, it remains only to watch and wait for the results. Let’s get some popcorn!


An interesting interrelation was promulgated by experts. Who would ever have thought.

Cryptocurrency analyst Nick Colas of Datatrek Research says: there is a direct dependence of the bitcoin rate on the trends of the world’s largest search engine. So, last December, when we all were watching the excitement around the first cryptocurrency, the number of web search queries on the bitcoin topic and the creation of wallets was very high. It was due to the high interest and desire to invest. The BTC rate confirmed this interest.

After the release of negative news, the activity of searching of these queries in the first month of the year decreased sharply, and the rate fell to $ 10,000 per coin.

Colas believes that now we need to expect positive news, which will spur the growth in the number of users supporting the upward trend.

The same considerations were expressed by the expert Christopher Burniske from ARK Invest. He believes that the pair BTC / USD correlates directly with the trends of Google’s queries, and called this phenomenon “the enchanted circle of Satoshi.”

Also a popular search phrase “buy bitcoins with a credit card,” arouses interest. It reflects the willingness of the Internet community to raise borrowed funds for investing in bitcoin.




30.01.2018 Real estate agents in trend: house for bitcoins

Yitanzi, a Tokyo – based real estate company, put up a building for sale, valuing it at 547 bitcoins ($ 6 million).
CTO of the firm Yokosawa Yuske explained the readiness of many crypto investors to sell real estate for cryptocurrency by their desire to increase their trading limits without the verification process, as it is impossible to purchase a massive amount of bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges without undergoing this process. On the other hand, he says, there are enough interested people ready to spend digital money they have earned in recent years, and real estate in this case is a good object for investments.
A representative of Yitanzi assured that the building would be sold in the near future, but details of the deal were not disclosed.
Over the past months, we have occasionally encountered news stories about such cases in different parts of the world. Real estate, cars, household appliances, food, entertainment and so on – everything can be bought with a while ago not existing payment units that, by the way, are still ambiguously accepted by the governments of most countries of the world. And despite the endless debate on legality and the future of cryptocurrencies, they have already become a part of the economy, entering it without knocking and without asking permission.

29.01.2018 Trick or treat?

The FBI center of complaints received an appeal, the reason of which was a new kind of Internet fraud. The crux of the matter is a user gets a message which states that an order for the addressee`s assassination has been received, and in order to avoid it, bitcoins equivalent to $ 2800 have to be transferred.
The text of the message, according to agents, is carefully formulated and horrifies an unprepared person. Thus, intimidation by murder is a very easy way of making money, even if only 1% of recipients pay to criminals.
According to the representative of the FBI, Laura Eimiller, every day about 800 Americans apply to them, and only 15% of cases are a real threat.
Such passions are running high in the USA. It remains to hope that states will find a way to overcome such manifestations, as every day the news reports look more and more frightening.
Recall, last year in Turkey there was the first murder for cryptocurrency…


28.01.2018 Venezuelan bitcoin is the most profitable

The agency Elite Fixtures has released a rating of countries where it is most profitable to mine bitcoins.
The first place of the top-list goes to Venezuela, where the prime cost of one coin is 530 US dollars. The second place – Trinidad and Tobago with an indicator of $ 1190, Uzbekistan closes the top three – $ 1790.
The cost price is calculated from the expenses on electricity spent on mining one bitcoin.
The top 20 includes mainly the states of Eastern Europe and Asia. Ukraine has also entered it – $ 1852, Kuwait – $ 1983, Belarus – $ 2177, China – $ 3172. The cost price in Russia exceeds the Venezuelan one almost 9 times – $ 4,675.
The most expensive bitcoin is in South Korea. Despite the super popularity of the cryptocurrency in this country, it is unprofitable to mine there, as the prime cost is $ 26170. Today it is more than twice higher than the current market price.
The states of Western Europe took almost entirely the top 20 list of countries with the most expensive electricity.

27.01.2018 The crime of the century?

It’s hard to judge, because the century is still at its beginning, but for sure this event will enter the rating of the largest thefts of the 21st century!

Today, the withdrawal of funds from Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck was suspended, and NEM deposits were frozen. The market, as expected, reacted.

But then the press conference was held and it stirred the minds of the public. Representatives of Coincheck announced NEM amounting 58 billion yen (equivalent to $ 533 million) disappeared from their account in an unknown direction. President of the NEM Foundation, Lon Wong assured: everything is all right with the NEM technology, and the theft occurred solely through the exchange`s fault, since it hadn`t used the multi-signature function. He also announced that there were no plans to hold a fork for a refund. Wong called on cryptocurency exchanges to actively use the currency, but the function of multi-signature must be a prerequisite.

The coin`s exchange rate fell sharply from $ 1.02 to $ 0.76, but has already begun to stabilize. We will follow the developments, wishing the leadership of Coincheck and the NEM Foundation to cope with the crisis situation as quickly as possible and with the least losses.

26.01.2018 Airport accepts cryptocurrency

You can come up with thousands of reasons to do nothing: weather conditions, economic or political situation, geographical isolation … However, despite the fact that Australia is far away from most of the countries that determine the world economy, it increasingly appears in the news lines of cryptocurrency market. It means the directivity to innovations of the country.

The airport of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, now accepts cryptocurrencies. This is the first airport in the world which has launched the innovation.

On the official website the administration of the transport hub announced a cooperation with the TravelbyBit platform, which allows processing payments in Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and some other digital currencies. In this way you can pay in shops and restaurants in the two terminals of the airport.

According to the General Manager for Strategic Planning and Development of Brisbane Airport Corporation Roel Hellemons, it becomes clear the company has decided to provide this opportunity due to the understanding that nowadays many people make money investing in cryptocurrencies, and they also travel around the world and should have the opportunity to pay with digital money on the territory of an airport.

It remains to wait, when their colleagues in all countries will join such a topical undertaking!

24.01.2018 Buterin asking for money

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, on his Twitter account warned the community about a new kind of fraud. The situation is ridiculous. From an imposter you get a mail on behalf of Buterin asking to lend him some money. The reason for this request is an allegedly broken laptop. Criminals also point out: to get the cold wallet, where Vitalik’s capital is kept, a week is needed.

It`s difficult to imagine who can believe in such a deception that doesn`t hold water. It`s like Bill Gates asking you for a Windows service key, because now he doesn`t have the opportunity to enter his own.

In his message Buterin asks to consider these mails to be fraudulent and not to react at all. At best, contact him personally.

Recall, the other day a popular phishing scheme on Facebook was revealed. Prior to that, owners of purchased at the e-Bay Internet auction Ledger wallets became victims.

However that may be, we are not going to stop calling on you to be watchful on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, there`s much danger.


23.01.2018 Oil with blockchain admixture

The triumphal march of blockchain around the planet continues!

Oil giant Shell bought a minority stake in a blockchain project Applied Blockchain, which has been on the market for about three years. Among the start-up`s clients are companies of banking and telecommunication sphere, automotive and aerospace industry organizations.

Shell has undertaken it in order to understand how blockchain can help to increase productivity and improve the business.

Johan Krebbers, the IT CTO of the oil corporation, said that the blockchain technologies have tremendous potential to shake up the processes in the oil industry, thereby helping to improve the efficiency of interaction with both customers and suppliers. Investing in Applied Blockchain, says Krebbers, is part of a plan to digitize data and create new business models.

Recall that last year the Mercuria trading company, in cooperation with banks ING and Societe Generale, began developing an oil trading system based on blockchain. According to experts, the integration of the distributed database in the oil and gas sector will help to optimize cross-border payments, improve the management of data and supply chains.


22.01.2018 Credit Suisse is reassuring!

The report of the Swiss financial holding Credit Suisse has been recently published. It states that the growth of the mining`s popularity won`t lead to an ecological catastrophe.

Recall: due to the sharply increased interest in the cryptocurrency mining in recent years, there is a fear that in 2018 the possible increase in energy consumption in this sector will reach 140 TWh. A huge figure …

However, Swiss analysts have their own opinion on this matter. They consider the forecasting of a linear increase in energy consumption to be incorrect due to the fact that more and more companies are focusing their efforts on the use of alternative energy sources. And this makes mining more profitable, besides it creates competitive advantages in the market.

Despite the nervous atmosphere among ecologists and environmentalists, the holding’s specialists insist that the situation does not even threaten energy or ecological Armageddon.

According to Credit Suisse forecasts, in 2018 cryptocurrency miners will spend no more than $ 5 billion on electricity, while the total expenses of the whole planet will be 6 trillion.

They also note that major market players are transferring their capacities to the regions that have cheap electricity, thereby they positively affect the general statistics.

We will rely on the rightness of Swiss specialists!

19.01.2018 Is LockChain a destroyer of

LockChain, a decentralized multiplex for booking hotel rooms all around the world, has launched an alpha version of the service, as it was reported in its release. This opportunity is available only in 600 hotels now, but the developers claim that by the end of February the number will be about 100 thousand.

Unlike the most popular service in the world,, which takes about 20% of a room fee, LockChain won`t take a commission from either a client or a hotel. It will allow the first one not to overpay, and the second one to receive the full cost for the services provided.

The total value of the hospitality industry is estimated at $ 500 billion, and LockChain is the first to offer the blockchain technology for the sphere.

In the alpha version, which is fully functional, among other things, there is a personal wallet with multicurrency support, including fiats, and a dynamic offers search for.

After a successful sale of LOC token, which raised 10500 ETH, the price of coins increased by 600%. They are represented on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as HitBTC, Mercatox, Etherdelta and Gatecoin.


19.01.2018 Ledger: Series B Funding Round completed

It is not enough to make money, it is important to be able to save them. In the case of cryptocurrency, there isn`t any reliable methods but keeping cryptocoins in a hardware wallet that doesn`t have access to the global network.

The French Ledger company producing cold storage devices announced the closing of the Series B funding round. It raised about 75 million USD.

The company’s popular products are hardware wallets Nano S and Nano Blue. It`s recently become known that in total the firm sold more than a million Nano S units.

The raised money will be used to scale up the business and popularize cryptocurrencies. The organization also says it`s developing a new product, which is a new approach to managing cryptocurrency assets. Ledger Vault, that`s the upcoming device is called, is focused on institutional investors, which are, among others, banks and hedge funds.

Recall: the Series A funding round finished in last March and raised $ 7,000,000.

In autumn 2017, Ledger announced the beginning of cooperation with the American manufacturer Intel, whose goal is to develop solutions for more secure storage of digital currencies.

18.01.2018 “Only a fool doesn`t change his mind”

Despite the statement made last month by the founder of the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, Jack Ma, about the lack of plans to link its activities with cryptocurrencies, a platform for mining has been launched.

The company P2P Nodes was registered in October 10 in Nanjing, Tencent News reported. Under the terms of the agreement Alibaba East China Ltd is noted to be the main operating platform.

According to the main provider of inside information cnLedger, the new project can be integrated into the functionality of the main resource. Also there`s an interesting fact that the replenishment of the balance sheet is planned to be carried out only in fiats with the participation of the payment service Alipay, and the withdrawal of cryptocurrency is not directly provided.

The platform declares its activities in favor of “third parties”, and it can be concluded that it`s a cloud-based service that leases a hashrate, Tencent points out.

Anyway, another crypto skeptic hesitated and has walked along the path lit by blockchain.

17.01.2018 It`s early to give up and sit back. Everything is still ahead!

January 13, 2018 a significant event in the cryptocurrency world happened – the number of mined bitcoins exceeded 16,8 million, which is 80% of the total issue. As you know, the number of these cryptocoins is limited to 21 million units, and the question arises: what’s next?

We hasten to reassure you: until the moment when the last bitcoin appears will happen in more than 100 years. According to approximate calculations, this will happen in 2140. How come? After all, in January 3, 2009 the first unit was generated and 50 bitcoins were issued, where the mining marathon started from. Nine years have passed, and 4/5 of the total amount has been mined. Does it mean that the production of one – fifth will take one hundred and twenty years?

Strange as it may seem, but yes. We do not exclude that there will be some new technologies that will give us the opportunity to make it faster, but the meaning lies in the details. Namely, in the complexity of mining. And it is growing, really growing.

At the dawn of mining it was faster, more profitable and easier to mine bitcoin. Over time, the requirements and demands for equipment rose, energy consumption did too and the world public is worried about the impending shortage of electricity. At the same time, against the backdrop of increased costs, the reward for mining a block decreased fourfold. Initially, it was 50 BTC, then it was followed by two halvings. Until 2020, the remuneration is 12.5 bitcoins, then it will be 6.25.

As we can see, mining is becoming more difficult, and the profitability is falling, especially taking into account that among other things, there are commissions for transactions that are only growing.

Everything will end up with the fact that only industrial mining giants will mine bitcoin, since those who are smaller, won`t be able to reach profitability. Unless, of course, nothing changes radically.

But don`t be upset, there is so many fish in the sea!


16.01.2018 Crime chronicle

At the end of last year, the bitcoin rate had skyrocketed and it caused and it increased criminals` interest in cryptocurrency.

So, we are giving a few high-profile incidents that leaked to the press.

Here are some of them:

Last month in Moscow in the cafe “Batoni” a man gave money in different currencies equivalent to 23 million Russian rubles to potential bitcoin sellers. After receiving the cash, the swindlers left the place not fulfilling their obligations.

Again in Moscow, another incident deprived an entrepreneur 15 million Russian rubles. With a broker he came to the company’s office located in Cherkassy Lane, which offered to buy cryptocurrency. Then, six or eight people entered the room, they said that the broker was actually a fraudster, and, under the threat of physical punishment, took him away, capturing all the money to an unknown direction.

And a popular Russian rock band guitarist`s son did not even go anywhere. He just found a seller on the Internet and transferred him 2 million rubles. As you have already found out, nothing was transferred to his bitcoin wallet.

Let`s talk about other places.

For example, in Ukraine, not everything is that great as well. They tried to steal 15 bitcoins that belonged to a Kharkov web designer. Criminals broke into his house, where, threatening with a knife, they were persuading him to transfer all available cryptocurrency to their wallet. Apparently, the guy somehow deceived the unexpected visitors. However, apparently, the robbers did not get anything, because later the poor fellow received threatening calls. Of course he asked law enforcement agencies for help.

If you think that such cases occur only in the post-Soviet space, then you are very wrong! Here, the United States of America. Threatening with a gun, a gangster dragged a victim into a minibus, took a cellphone and cryptocurrency cold wallet away, and made an attempt to transfer ethereum equivalent to 1.8 million US dollars to his account. By lucky coincidence, the miserable millionaire was able to break free and call the police.

These are just a few examples, in fact there are obviously more of them. It’s worth mentioning cybercriminals who attack the Internet community every day without leaving home. The damage caused by them is growing every day.

15.01.2018 Bitcoin and a bunch of parsley

Everyone knows that in the process of cryptocurrency mining a large amount of heat is generated. When most industry workers think how to tune cooling up effectively, that is, overcome this problem, others use an unconventional approach. Namely, they apply the invention of the use of the generated energy and obtaining an additional profit from it. We have already heard that houses are heated with it, but today we are going to talk about more nonstandard solutions.

Bruce Hardy, an entrepreneur from Canada, manages mining stations in the Rural Municipality of St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba. The equipment is installed in a building with an area of about 20,000 square feet, and works primarily to mine bitcoin. Chinese investors and Australian researchers inspired the businessman to the experiment. The produced heat circulates throughout the building, it is used for growing plants and fish.

The water which fish live in, eventually saturates with nitrates, and later is used to water plants of lettuce, basil and barley as a fertilizer. Hardy states these actions are easily performed at a touch of a button remotely.

The idea is interesting and correct from the point of view of effective energy consumption. It is expected that in the course time such projects will appear more and more, as the realization that the value in the process of mining can be not only the cryptocurrency itself, but also by-products, will come. For example, heat. This can lead to an increase in the profitability of the industry and reduce the harm to the environment.

15.01.2018 MiningNow’s tokens rose by 8,2%

Hello dear partners!
The MiningNow team pleased to announce the financial performance of our international project is ahead of the planned growth. This means that the mining strategy was chosen correctly and there is a successful development of production activities in the medium – term perspective.
Thus, in January 15, the reward for each token purchased in the specified period will reach 0.43 euros. The payment is 5.13% of the nominal or 4.65% at the rate at the beginning of 2018.
Investors who joined the MiningNow project in November last year, taking into account the increase in the cost of tokens, can fix the profitability of the mining at a rate of 132% per annum.
We express our gratitude to all our partners and congratulate you on the growth of personal incomes.
Let`s mine together!

14.01.2018 MiningNow – results of 2017

Hello dear partners!

The team of the international project MiningNow, which is being implemented by a Bulgarian company AA! LAB, hastens to inform you that our general mining continues to develop consistently and successfully.
Let us tell you some results of organizational and production activities achieved in 2017.
The strategic partner of our project was the largest aluminum producer United Company RUSAL. In the nearest future, on the basis of one of the plants located in the village of Nadvoitsy (Republic of Karelia) a data processing center will be built. As part of an agreement between the United Company RUSAL and the Bulgarian company AA! LAB, this center is planned to be equipped with 5000 computing units, servers and workstations. Estimated power consumption of installed equipment is expected to be 6 megawatts.
Meanwhile, the international MiningNow project is already being implemented in Bulgaria and Russia, the other day the generating capacities are going to be increased due to the equipment installed in Kazakhstan.
Today the stages of Pre-Sale and Pre-ICO completed with positive dynamics. And in January the 15th our investors will be able to make sure that they have joined the project which is interested in increasing the personal incomes of each partner. We all are going to have a successful 2018.
Let`s mine together!

12.01.2018 Want to have a cool domain?

Everything is wonderful about this news: the fact of putting the product up for sale, and the circumstances that preceded it!

The put up lot is dreamt by many companies that do cryptocurrency business. It is the domain name The starting price is 200 bitcoins (it`s about 2.76 million US dollars). The domain name is an abbreviation of Bitcoin on many institutional trading platforms, which makes it so desirable.

And the thing is that the current owner of the domain XBT Holding SA, together with a subsidiary company Webzilla, was accused of involvement in the theft of the data of Democratic Party of the United States, among which was the interrogation of Donald Trump. A year ago, Buzzfeed released a material based on the data provided by a group of researchers Fusion GPS, which unveiled the precedent. The article, in particular, reported that the former CEO of XBT, Alexei Gubarev, acted in the interests of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

Of course, the organization entered into a lawsuit, where it challenged the accusation. Proceedings are still ongoing.

According to Gubarev, because of that the company is forced to re-brand, as it suffered from significant reputational damage.

To participate in the auction, you have to make a deposit of $ 10,000 or 0.5 BTC.

And the product really is interesting! We can assume that this is a good investment. And its price, judging by the avalanche-like interest in the digital currency, will only grow!

11.01.2018 Dream to get money from the air came true

So now we have got the fabulous perspective!

UK resident Max Dovey invented a device called spirometer which measures the volume of air breathed and breathed out. This data is subsequently hashed, transferred to a computer and gets into a common blockchain. Each breath involves a certain number of computational operations, and the importance is not only the quantity, but also the frequency.

Thus, the opportunity of mining Monero is given. Now spirometer does not allow to get a noticeable amount of cryptocurrency. So, for a year of testing, about 500 million computing operations were carried out, which led to the appearance of a currency equivalent to only one dollar. However, Dovey pursued a different objective – to show alternative mining, which is important because of the increasingly growing and frightening energy consumption of this industry.

Recall, we have already written about a suit for mining, which uses the heat released by a human body. Perhaps time will pass and there will be a certain technological solution that will most effectively use the resources of our daily life, which we do not use at all in a period of time.

And each of us can generate a certain amount of money which may be enough to provide for life. And since every inhabitant of the planet will emit money, the world economy can change beyond recognition, the value of human life will increase, the balance between rich and poor will become more fair.

However, now we are far away from it. Although twenty years ago we could not imagine all that we are talking about. The technological era is a very interesting time, and it is impossible to imagine what innovations will be read about in a year!

10.01.2018 You too, Kodak?

The age of the digital photo, when according to statistics, in a minute as many pictures are taken, as for the entire 19th century, has come. After all, almost everyone has got a camera on his cellphone today, not taking into account special gadgets. However, it was not so long ago they took pictures on films, carried them to Kodak-Express and sent them to printing. For sure, for many Kodak has remained in memory since that time.

Meanwhile, Eastman Kodak Company, a well-known US manufacturer of photographic equipment and supplies, in partnership with WENN Digital intends to release its own KODAKCoin cryptocurrency. The ICO start is scheduled in January 31st, 2018.

According to their idea, an encrypted database will be made, where all photos will be assigned an identification number that attaches them to their authors. When an image is used for commercial purposes, its author will get a reward in KODAKCoin. Of course, the system will work on a blockchain technology.

According to Jeff Clarke, Kodak CEO, this will help the photographers` community cope with problems that until now seemed unsolvable. Most likely, he meant the fact that on the Internet copyrights are often infringed.

After the release of the news, Kodak shares soared by 120%.

Recall that Eastman Kodak Company was founded in 1881 by a manufacturer Henry Strong and a bank employee George Eastman. In the past, it was a market leader, but subsequently lost ground due to strong competitors from Asia.

09.01.2018 Blockchain at the service of the pharmaceutical industry

Apparently there has come the moment when in the pharmacological market, even giants, despite the conditions of fierce competition, have to consolidate their efforts due to the fact that the development of new drugs became too long and expensive. Thus, world-famous industrial giants Pfizer, Amgen and Sanofi announced their intention to develop a single blockchain platform, which will reduce the time and costs for bringing a new product to the market.

Now the full cycle of development and testing of a new drug takes about 6-7 years, and this despite the fact that only 10% of them are successful. The costs of research, bureaucratic procedures and bringing of a safe medication for sale are on average 2.6 billion US dollars, which is too much even for monsters like Pfizer and Amgen.

The conceived blockchain project will allow, in addition to reducing costs, to increase the percentage of success at the output. For example, now access to data of potential research participants is difficult, as they are attributed to various medical institutions. The innovation will unite them into a common base, which will simplify the formation of focus groups. In addition, it will combine data on new products and facilitate relationships with regulatory authorities.

In general, the idea is very ambitious and necessary. Expecting that medicines for a final customer will become cheaper, of course is not worth it, as pharmacology is one of the greediest sectors of the economy. However, as an example of the fact that blockchain is changing the approach to business and competition, the news is encouraging. And the fact that the percentage of the success of the drugs under study can ultimately lead to long-awaited ways to treat cancer, AIDS and many incurable diseases at the moment, gives hope to millions of people in need.

In February 12, in Orlando, Florida, the project is planned to be discussed within the framework of the Blockchain for clinical trials, where representatives of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are expected to attend.

08.01.2018 Zuckerberg, Durov and cryptography

In March the founder of the Russian social network VKontakte is launching the TON cryptocurrency, which will be closely integrated with his offspring Telegram.

Meanwhile, the world famous Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, who, according to many, Durov borrowed the idea of VK from, set himself another goal. So, since 2009, the extraordinary billionaire has been puzzling himself for personal achievements: whether to run over the reporting period (a year) 365 miles, read 25 books, learn Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language and so on. He is such a zealot!

For 2018 Zuckerberg has planned to immerse himself in technologies of encryption and cryptocurrency to approach the fact his social network would become less centralized. According to Mark`s opinion, which he expressed on his profile, initially people saw new technologies as a decentralizing force that transferred all control over them. However, over time those innovations became ways of centralization, enabling the government to monitor users. This state of affairs is caused by instability and discord in society. Cryptocurrency and encryption technologies should help to return control to users, writes Zuckerberg.

At first glance, the idea seems really ambitious and even pretty dangerous, because the founder of Facebook declares a desire to openly go against the system in the broadest sense of the word (the state apparatus, intelligence agencies, etc.). But who knows what these geniuses have in mind?

By the way, Pavel Durov has a similar attitude to this problem. Suffice it to recall last year’s scandals, when he refused to provide personal data of Telegram users to Russian intelligence agencies.


06.01.2018 Merry and rich Christmas!

MiningNow team congratulates you on a bright holiday and the New Year! We sincerely wish everyone good health, home comfort, sustainable growth of personal finances and prosperity in the cryptocurrency sphere. Your participation in our project is a guarantee of financial stability and realization of the most daring plans!
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25.12.2017 Merry Christmas!

We wish all of you, who celebrate it today, wealth and prosperity! Steady growth of your personal finances and success in the field of mining! The MiningNow project team congratulates you on the fact that your landmarks in the blockchain world have turned out to be correct!
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23.12.2017 Good afternoon!

We firmly assure you that you have no reason for any concern about the sharp drop in the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rates. The MiningNow team has built a stable and reliable counting system, and all our investors are sufficiently protected against external threats.
The MNW tokens, unlike many analogues bound to the bitcoin rate at the ICO stage, are denominated in euros. Accordingly, the financial stability of the project depends more on the volatility of this fiat in the short term. Or on the rate of cryptocurrency which we mine in the long term.
The fact that any cryptocurrency is growing in time, has become a well-known. And at the ICO stage in the MiningNow project a program is implemented, in case of investments in cryptocurrency and its growth relative to the euro, additional MNW tokens are added.
We inform you that such additional payment will take place in February 28, 2018. We confirm to all investors, who trusted us with their cryptocurrency, that their financial investments are not at risk, and moreover they guarantee additional income in two months.
Happy and rich Christmas to you!
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22.12.2017 WikiLeaks keeps up with the times

Today, the structure of Julian Assange appeared in the cryptocurrency world`s news feed twice, which indicates that the blochchain technology did not pass by this scandalous organization.

First, the company announced its intention to accept donations in several cryptocurrencies. The reason for this decision is the fact that the non-profit organization Freedom of the Press Foundation, which stands at the threshold of protecting the free press, notified WikiLeaks about the termination of mediation between donors, who transfer using Visa, MasterCard and PayPal payment systems, and the organization. Thus, the resource-exposer is in the “banking blockade”, and cryptocurrencies in this situation are very useful.

The second news was very amusing, once again proving that Assange is a real troll. It’s safe to say that there is not a single person interested in technology and cryptocurrency news who would not have heard of the CryptoKitties project that had created a cork in the Ethereum blockchain. As it turned out, those guys also have not ignore this fun. The thing is that the first couple of crypto-kittens, named Mr. and Mrs. WikiLeaks, the company presented to US President Donald Trump, as well as a former US Secretary of the USA and a presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The organization did not forget to remind Trump that the kitten costs several thousand dollars and that it must be officially registered, after which the gift will become federal property and will pass from a president to a president.

Admit that is very cute!

22.12.2017 Dear investors!

There was a long-awaited charging of MNW tokens!

Please check your balance in your account.  

The MiningNow!

22.12.2017 Soda, cigars and cartoons

The American producer of bottled soft drinks Long Island Iced Tea Corp. announced the change of the company`s activities on their press release. Now it is going to be engaged in the development of blockchain technologies because, according to its CEO, Philip Thomas, in it the company sees opportunities that can be got only once in a lifetime, and the fruits of these works will bring significant benefits to shareholders. From now on, the organization will be called Long Blockchain Corp. It is worth noting that they still do not refuse to produce beverages, this kind of activity will be allocated to a separate department.
After the press release, the price of the company’s shares soared by 193%.
Earlier, the American company Rich Cigars, engaged in the production of elite cigars, announced the change in the type of activity in favor of the “aggressive” mining of cryptocurrencies. Now it is called Intercontinental Technology Inc. Director Richard Davis explained that such a decision was made by the new leadership due to a rapid drop in demand for their products, as well as the need for development in other areas. The share price has also reacted positively to the news, showing the price per unit higher than in the last three quarters of this year.
While the producing companies are rebranding into IT industry, the creators of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin (Charlie Lee) and Monero (Ricardo Spagni), and also Pixelmatic CEO Samson Mo and bitcoin enthusiast White Panda started cartoons “Magical Crypto Friends”, whose goal is the popularization of digital currencies. It is interesting that the initiators of the project themselves became the the main characters, Li is a chicken, a Mo is a lion, Spagni is a pony, and, there`s panda of course.
The episodes that will be released once a month, will raise the vital problems of the world, in spite of the joking genre. So the famous characters want to establish a dialogue with the enthusiasts of blockchain.
Meanwhile, in Russia a dialogue with such enthusiasts will be held in the upcoming Monday in the small hall of the State Duma. Officials and blockchain professionals, among which there is going to be a Bulgarian project MiningNow, will meet at the World Meeting of Miners in Moscow.


21.12.2017 A car for a bitcoin

Every day it is getting more difficult to understand the news. Analysts say with absolute certainty cardinally opposite opinions on the main cryptocurrency of the modern world. Some promise it will have a rate almost 1,000,000 USD each, others say that tomorrow it is going to burst and will cost nothing. However, the introduction of bitcoins into the world economy is becoming more and more noticeable and irreversible.

In the meantime, the inhabitants of Japan warmly accepted cryptocurrencies, which made the Land of the Rising Sun the largest bitcoin market. IDOM Inc, one of the most notable car dealers, as an experiment made it possible to pay for a car with the first cryptocurrency.

Cooperating with the most famous Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer, a company that sells used cars introduces this option only in dealerships now. Later this kind of payment will be available in additional 550 shopping centers.

In December 20th bitcoin was accepted in Liberala stores owned by the giant. However, in the nearest future it will be available in 550 Gulliver car dealerships located throughout Japan, in New Zealand and the USA. Thus, you can buy a car for an amount not exceeding 100 million yen (880,000 US dollars).

The company’s management explains the decision to take such a step by the very growing popularity of bitcoins.

However, IDOM Inc is not the first one among used-cars dealerships in Japan, who started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Earlier, three L’operaio dealerships in Tokyo distinguished themselves by that.

List of the products that you can buy for bitcoins, is constantly updating. News feeds are full of messages about a wide variety – elite real estate, concert tickets, dinner in a restaurant and so on. And who will say now that bitcoin is not money?

19.12.2017 Payza: converting and storing Altcoins will be easy

Good news! Payza, a popular payment system that has nine million users and operates in 197 countries, introduces a new function, namely the conversion of Altcoins without using a cross-rate to the US dollar.

Before the innovation, we first have to sell Altcoin for a dollar, and then buy the target cryptocurrency, which was inconvenient because of additional commission losses.

The platform supports 45 different Altcoins and 21 fiat currencies. The company says that in the nearest future users will be able to store cryptocurrencies directly in the Payza-wallet, without using third-party services. The first one on the list of integrated cryptocurrencies will be DASH. he indispensable term that the client will be able to work under with the cryptocurrency on the platform is a verified account.

The use and storage of cryptocurrency is becoming more convenient, and Payza confirms this. Admit, with such a multicurrency there`s no need to have a large number of different wallets for Altcoins.

By the way, this way is followed not only by Payza. For example, representatives of the Bulgarian MiningNow project state that their investors do not experience any difficulties in storing cryptocurrency. In addition, they operate with the most popular types of digital money, converting them at the market rates.

19.12.2017 A serious bitcoin`s problem

Against the backdrop of the resounding success of the first cryptocurrency in 2017, whose rate, let`s recall, overcame the threshold of 20,000 dollars each at the weekend, an extremely high commission for transactions becomes an increasing problem for the community. It got to the point that if a year ago it was possible to move painlessly thousands of Satoshis from wallet to wallet, now it is inadvisable to send such amounts, because they will be “eaten” by the commission in a greater or lesser degree.

Social networks and DarkNet are boiling with furious messages saying that with the equivalent of $ 100, the transfer fee is $ 20. It is clear that when it comes to an operation of 10 million, this amount does not look critical. But what shall we do when it is about micropayments?

It turns out that bitcoin ceases to be a means of calculation, but is increasingly suitable for storing and multiplying funds. And how shall we deal with small and medium-sized investors? The lion’s share of their modest savings will be bitten off at the first attempt to move them somewhere.

Experts do not give any clear comments on the perspectives for solving this problem. Against the backdrop of low transaction costs in Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, the main cryptocurrency is becoming more elitist and available to more affluent investors. But despite the high volatility, shouts about the bubble, high energy intensity of mining, growing complexity, etc., the attractiveness of this asset continues to grow and conquer the hearts of millions of users of the World Wide Web.

18.12.2017 Bitcoin acting

The other day director Christian Kashmir announced his intention to make a comedy film about the first cryptocurrency, which will be called Bitcoin.

The plot of the film is obvious: two brothers-losers are trying to sell a bitcoin wallet, where a large amount of cryptocurrency is stored. It is set in Arizona.

According to the director, in addition to the entertainment component, the film will tell the public about the features of the cryptocurrency market and the latest technologies. The production of the film will begin in New Mexico in April next year.

It will be produced by Lauren Cribb, who Christian met with at the Cannes Festival this spring. A comedian Theo Von was invited to play the main character. He is more known for television projects.

Kashmir says that it’s time for the audience to find out about bitcoin, because, according to the film-maker, it changes the world. It was noted that some participants of the film crew are very interested in cryptocurrency and invest in it.

Anyway, this is a new topic for the film industry, and it will be interesting to see its embodiment on the screen. The time will show if the crew makes a quality product.

It should be noted that in November, Christopher Woodrow, film producer, who participated in the creation of such films as “Birdman” and “Wish I was here”, announced the release of MovieCoin, cryptocurrency for Hollywood films financing. According to him, blockchain technologies will soon break into the world of the film industry, and he wants to be a part of this process.


16.12.2017 Warning, hidden mining!

A Kaspersky Lab specialist, Andrey Malanov, talked on the increasing number of cases of hidden cryptocurrency programs on smartphones. The most common scheme: a user downloads a game on his phone, that, during its setup, asks if he wants to mine cryptocurrency. Many respond to this question positively, and thus voluntarily give access to the capacities of their devices, and receive a nominal game currency for that. Service`s owners get real tokens. This story often refers to Magi coins (XMG) mining, which is not the most popular one (market capitalization is 3.3 million dollars).

Such programs, according to the expert, cannot be called totally harmful because smartphones` owners install and open them by their own will. And everything would be fine if there were not the circumstance a gadget is wear working in the mining mode. Its service term is significantly shortened, which, you will agree, bears direct material damage.

Trend Mirco analysts agree with their colleague. According to them, contrary to common sense, programs are freely available on Google Play.

Another expert, Sergey Nikitin from Group-IB, notes that at the moment miner programs are forbidden to be spread on official application stores. That is why they are masked to be an entertaining content in every possible way. This, above all, relates to products for Android OS, as it allows to use unproven software products.

What to do, how to protect yourself from this kind of malwares? Digital Security employee Alexey Pertsev recommends paying attention to applications` authors, downloads` number, permissions that programs ask for during setups, and also don`t be lazy to read the comments of other users.

Everything that was said above is understandable to an ordinary adult. But how can these risks be explained to children? As a rule, when a child gets a phone, something is uploaded, there`re paid subscriptions and other things that often costs a lot. The question seems to be rhetorical.

14.12.2017 The future: is working or not a personal choice?

They have come up with so much! Employees of a Dutch company Institute of Human Obsolescence invented the suit wearing which a person becomes an energy generator for cryptocurrency mining.

The device collects heat, which is naturally produced by a human`s body, and converts it into electricity. During mining tokens are generated which you can later use to buy well-known cryptocurrencies.

So, during the tests, which 37 people participated in, they managed to produce 127,000 mW of electricity and that allowed to get 16.59 thousand tokens.

The project`s participants, which is run by a researcher and artist Manuel Beltran, are very optimistic, saying that the world will come to the state where human labor will be completely replaced by robots and algorithms.

Admit it would be nice to mine cryptocurrency and improve our well-being by doing everyday things, like walking or lying on a couch. Again, there would be an additional incentive to an active lifestyle, because in that case there is much more heat produced than in a calm state.


14.12.2017 Life is in full swing!

Unbelievable, but true: the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has taken a half-trillion-dollar mark! Last month it was literally half less. Such a grandiose jump was achieved mainly due to the growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin rates. For example, for yesterday the latter one showed a rate growth more than 60%.

We`ll see what happens next. The other day, futures for the first cryptocurrency on the Chicago exchange were launched, and several companies immediately applied for their launch. In addition, CBOE and SME have announced of their intentions to launch futures for Litetcoin and Ethereum. There is a bigger introduction of cryptocurrency into the world economy.

Many analysts think that it is the bubble that will certainly burst sooner or later. We cannot unequivocally assert the opposite, but I would like to believe that they are mistaken, since this whole story has that romantic spirit of freedom, which is lacking in the traditional economic model. In general, if you think about it, absolutely every cryptocurrency market participant is the smith of his happiness, regardless of external factors.

Of course, state authorities don`t really like the aspect. They are annoyed that the money run the guard, and officials are trying in every possible way to fight with it by enacting laws, prohibiting and threatening with persecution. Their main point is that cryptocurrency can be used to finance terrorism and criminal business. The question arises: where did the negative thinking come from? After all, similar criminal acts are performed with fiat money.

Scientific and technological progress has reached a level where, by having certain knowledge and skills, that are accessible to everyone, a person can improve the level and quality of life regardless of the state. And it’s great! Let’s believe in a brighter future!

12.12.2017 Buy some bread, milk and Bitcoin Cash!

Surely, many of you were wondering about where and how you could buy Bitcoin Cash. In addition to the various ways that are done sitting at your computer desk, now you can just leave your house and buy it!

Lammassu Inc., founded in 2013 by brothers Zack and Josh Harvey and whose ATM were among the first ones and deployed all around the world, announced the beginning of their devices support for Bitcoin Cash operations. To date, there are 268 ATM in total.

Earlier, namely in November 6, 2017, Bitcoinplug ATMs introduced similar services in 21 Los Angeles machines. The Czech company General Bytes, which is the largest organization in the industry, doesn`t lag behind. They announced its intention to carry out technical work with the existing equipment to support Bitcoin Cash.

Thus, when all the mentioned companies make their plans come true, more than 1300 ATMs around the world will support BCH operations. This means that the community has taken this bitcoin fork really seriously, and it has the future, which cannot be said with certainty about the others.

12.12.2017 Thief steals and the world grieves

In India a fraudulent scheme in the cryptocurrency environment was suppressed. Thus, the rapid reaction force Uttar Pradesh (STF) arrested the initiator of the criminal organization Mohd Azhad in Lucknow.

Through fake accounts on cryptocurrencies` exchanges scammers negotiated with potential buyers of bitcoins on transactions, clients were required to make a bank transfer of fiats to accounts, as it was later revealed, opened with fake documents. In order to win trust, they made operations with small amounts, but when it came to big transactions, buyers didn`t receive their bitcoins. The scheme was revealed after a statement about suspicious activity in the STF of an entrepreneur Pankaj Garg.

This story can play a cruel joke with the further fate of cryptocurrency in India, as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has repeatedly expressed its concerns about its use. Whether this episode will be the impetus to tighten the laws regulating digital currencies in India is not known yet.

Recall that, for example, China has taken the path to a complete ban on ICO and shut down all the country’s cryptocurrencies` exchanges. RBI still take a quite common position that each market participant conducts all operations at his own risk.

10.12.2017 Industrial mining vs. cloud one – 5:0

AA! LAB is a European company that implements an international project Mining Now. We are engaged in industrial mining, and this allows us to carry out a successful crowdfunding, to guarantee the MNW token value`s growth and accordingly a stable profit for our investors.
Thus, comparing the Mining Now project with cloud mining is fundamentally wrong. There`re fundamental differences between us. As evidence, the administration of the project gives five serious points that will help dispel leisured conjectures.
1. Industrial mining provides high profitability. ROI is carried out by monthly payments of at least 36%, in the future it is planned to bring this figure to 66%. In addition, it should be taken into account that the growth in the cost of the MNW token for the first year will be 180%. It is easy to calculate that the total profit for this period will be up to 245% of the initial investment.
2. Participation in industrial mining is a high degree of reliability and economic security. An investor purchases MNW tokens, which actually makes him a co-owner of the computing capacities of the Mining Now project. At the same time, monthly payments are provided at a rate of 3% of the current value of MNW tokens and have a predisposition to growth.
3. The participants in our project get an opportunity to receive payments in rubles (Russia, withholding personal income tax), in euros (European countries), in cryptocurrency (for everybody). The choice is left to each investor at will.
4. The project of Mining Now is characterized by transparency in the formation of income and clarity in calculations. Distribution is based on the principle – 30% to holders of MNW tokens, the rest is directed to increase generating capacities. Since the number of our tokens is strictly defined, as the generation increases, payments to investors also do, exceeding the targeted 3%.
5. Industrial mining, in contrast to the cloud one, doesn`t rent equipment, but has its own generating capacities. That`s why the MNW tokens, unlike the cloud analogues, have collateral in the form of material assets. And each investor can use the right of repurchase at any time by selling the MNW tokens belonging to him at the nominal value to the project`s administration.

We aren`t in the clouds, we get capital together with you.
Let’s mine together!

09.12.2017 Bitcoin Cash will now have its own exchange

This week we watched the unbelievable breathtaking jumps in the rate of the main cryptocurrency. Could we just imagine a few months ago that 17,000 US dollars for one bitcoin is real?

In the meantime, one of the largest mining pools ViaBTC announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx, whose base currency is Bitcoin Cash. The reasons for choosing bitcoin fork as the main unit of account were high transaction speed and low transfer commission.

On the trading platform, operations with BCH, Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, ZEC and DASH will be done. Also, the organizers notified that they intend to introduce futures trading on the open trading platform OTC.

Let us remind you that Bitcoin Cash is a bitcoin fork, appeared in August 1, 2017. At the time of writing, the BCH rate was $ 1,482 per unit.

Also it is worth noting that as it`s been recently announced, the developers of Bitcoin Cash plan two hardforks for the next year.

08.12.2017 Criminals are caught, bitcoins are taken

In May this year the Bulgarian law enforcement authorities stopped activities of an organized criminal group that was engaged in the illegal importation of goods into the territory of the state. In the course of the operation, the largest sum of bitcoins for the whole history of its existence, namely 213519 coins, was seized. At the current rate, that is more than 3 billion US dollars.

According to the service, the mafia launched a virus that hacked Bulgarian customs programs, thereby avoiding payments importing goods into the country. The criminals conducted calculations in bitcoins, because it was difficult to track the transactions.

Six months later, law enforcement agencies evaded the question of a Bulgarian periodical about the further fate of such a significant amount, citing the fact that the investigation is not yet over.

Recall that the largest sum before that, seized from violators of law and order in the case of Silk Road, namely 144,000 bitcoins, was implemented at auctions 2015-2016.

08.12.2017 Bank of America probably will also become a cryptocurrencies` exchanger

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently issued a patent for a cryptocurrency conversion system to the largest banking conglomerate in the United States.

The described system is three accounts: one for a client and two for bank accounts. Bank, the so-called “floating” accounts are created for temporary storage of convertible currencies (one for exchanged currencies, the other for the one which the client converts to). At the end of the transaction, money is credited to the original client account, where they can be withdrawn.

The system assumes monitoring of external data at exchange rates for setting the optimal rate. Suspicious transactions will be monitored and blocked automatically.

We do not know yet if the fact of obtaining a patent means that in the nearest future Bank of America will start introducing new services related to conversion of cryptocurrency. However, if it does, they will be available only to corporate clients.

07.12.2017 Good afternoon! We are glad to inform you that our pre-ICO has been successfully completed

The Mining Now project has already raised 1,194,454 euros. We sincerely thank everyone who became an investor in the early stages of its implementation, believing in success and prospects. We hasten to inform you that despite the increase in the cost of the MNW token, the administration of the project still provides bonuses for its purchase in accordance with the announced plans. Starting today, the cost of one token is 9 euros. Thus, our investors have already felt the capitalization of the investments made. We invite you to look into your future. Detailed information for those who are ready to join the project is available on our website. Current information on how ICO is going on, you can receive in your account by clicking on the link
Let’s mine together!

07.12.2017 Nokia: from a paper mill to the blockcain industry, the 150 years’ journey

Could the Nokia company`s founder, Knut Fredrik Idestam, who created his first enterprise – a small paper mill in the distant 1865`, assume that in the 21st century his creation would be engaged in completely different and absolutely incomprehensible to him things, namely, the development of a blockchain project for keeping information in the healthcare field?

That became known from a press release posted on the company’s website.

A group of 100 people conducts system testing. Nokia said that blockchain interests primarily with features of safe information storage. So, the program allows to have access to data only to authorized users.

Portable devices track the distance traveled and the sleep time of the group members, the data is saved on blockchain. Obtained information is compared with the goals set by the participants. If they are achieved, loyalty points are awarded.

The Finnish multinational company, which has done so much for its 150-year history, has reached blockchain projects, which indicates the readiness of its management to keep pace with the times.

05.12.2017 How many children has bitcoin got?

Every day the number of cryptocurrencies is growing. Its reason isn`t just numerous ICOs, but also a lot of hardforks that have flooded news feeds.

Today a Chinese cryptocurrency investor Chandler Guo announced his intention to launch Bitcoin God fork on the block 501 225. Tentatively, this should happen in December the 25th this year, the total issue will be 21 million coins. This way the businessman decided to congratulate the community on Christmas.

In the meantime, the other day it was announced about another planned Lightning Bitcoin hardfork on the block 499 999. Last week Bitcoin Diamond fork took place, a bit earlier – Bitcoin Gold. At the moment, Bitcoin Cash occupies the strongest position among the branches of the first cryptocurrency, the price of one unit has exceeded 1,5 thousand dollars. Considering the fact that the complexity of Bitcoin Cash mining is almost ten times lower than its forefather, more and more community representatives switch their capacities to mining it.

In addition, in the nearest future we will see Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum and Bitcoin Cash Plus. We can assume that with each passing day this list will grow like a snowball.

The time will show if the infinite bitcoins forks are worthwhile. The main thing is not to bring the situation to the point of absurdity.

04.12.2017 Bitcoin raised a new class of billionaires

Newspaper The Telegraph announced the first billionaires, who became ones thanks to bitcoin. They are the twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

It is interesting where they got such a capital. Everyone remembers the lawsuits between the brothers and Mark Zuckerberg, the essence of which was that the Winklevosses accused the latter one of stealing the idea of creating a social network Facebook. The process ended up with a settlement, according to which the defendant paid the plaintiffs $ 65 million.

Brothers invested $ 11 million in bitcoins from that money, buying them in 2013 at a rate of $ 120 per unit.

According to The Telegraph, the fortune of the Winklevosses is estimated at 100,000 bitcoins. They are recognized as ones of the largest holders of cryptocoins along with the founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

Businessmen said that it is a long-term investment for them, and they are not going to sell the asset.

04.12.2017 Almost a half of the funds raised during the ICO are in Europe

The study of one of the leading venture companies Atomico state this. According to their information, about 46 percent of startups investments, namely 1.76 billion dollars, went to Old World projects.

In Europe Switzerland is the leader of raising money in ICO, it accounts for about 47% of the mentioned funds. And in Zug, where the system of taxation is doux, the biggest amount of the companies is located, due to which the country takes the leading positions.

For comparison, North America accounted for only 28% of the world’s total.

The Atomico study used data from 2014, although 90% of the past ICOs fall on 2017.

02.12.2017 Good afternoon! Congratulations to all participants of the Mining Now project!

RUSAL became our strategic partner!

A memorandum has already been concluded on the site in Karelia, negotiations are underway on sites in eastern Siberia and Kazakhstan. We received the minimum cost of electricity and the most favored nation treatment!

Reflection of this, you can see in the press:

If you have not managed to invest yet, we remind you that Pre-ICO ends on December 4!

We will be happy to give you answers to any issues you are concerned about!

Questions can also be asked in the telegram channel: @MiningNow_EN

Let’s mine together!
Mining Now Team!

30.11.2017 Rusal Turns to Cryptocurrency Mining to Help Struggling Smelter 2017-11-30

By Yuliya Fedorinova (Bloomberg) — United Co. Rusal, the biggest aluminum producer outside China, is partnering with a cryptocurrency miner to help to bring new life to one of its struggling smelters in northern Russia.

Rusal is building a data center at its Nadvoitsy smelter, which it will charge firms to use for IT services such as data analysis and machine learning, according to a statement. Bulgaria-based AA!LAB, founded by Russian businessman Alexey Zenkov, is working to create industrial capacity for cryptocurrency mining and is the first partner in the project. The data center will bring new revenue to the smelter, which is running at half its capacity after Rusal shuttered unprofitable production a few years ago amid weaker aluminum prices and a global glut.

The site is attractive to IT firms as the cold climate means less energy is need to keep machinery cool, while companies also have access to cheap electricity from En+ Group Plc’s nearby hydropower station which supplies the smelter. Rusal’s billionaire owner Oleg Deripaska has been eyeing opportunity in cryptocurrencies for several years and En+, which he also controls, started a data center in Siberia earlier this year. Digital currencies have become a hot topic lately, with bitcoin this week surging above $11,000 for the first time. Read more: Ukrainian shipper Varamar plans to accept bitcoin payments Rusal plans to commission the venture with AA!LAB in the third quarter of next year.

The first phase of the data center will consist of 5,000 computing units, servers and workstations, and the equipment will require 6 megawatts of power. The producer has also allocated about 5 hectares (12 acres) of vacant area at the site for the future needs of the data center, Alexey Arnautov, Rusal’s director for new projects, said in the statement.

30.11.2017 New Zealand’s financial regulator warned investors about risks of participation in Sell My Good ICO

As the NZ Herald’s own investigation showed, start-up, which is a crowdfunding campaign of an online marketplace, overestimated visits and economic activity on its website by 10,000 times, while only 400 items are on sale, and some of them were added several months ago.

Also there are two subjective moments, which together lead to doubts. The first is the fact that the initiator of the tokens` release is only 19 years old. It can`t be said that this is a univocal criterion, recall the young genius Vitalik Buterin, but nevertheless. The second is the ambitious amount that start-up plans to receive – no less than 220 million NZ dollars, which is approximately equal to 152 million US dollars.

Perhaps, the fact that already collected several million dollars, the company’s website at the time of this message`s publication was unavailable confirms the fear.

30.11.2017 Smartphone instead of passport

The Reform research center made an offer to the British government to develop a system for identifying citizens based on blockchain technology. This interface should lead to a reduction in bureaucracy and simplification of interaction between the state and citizens.

As Reform states, the blockchain platform should become a supplement to existing resources, systematize the divergent information of departments and in the long term replace passports. Every British can sign up on a special website or a smartphone application, giving the state access to their personal data. To support the process of recognizing a person they offer a fingerprint or a face scan.

Experts believe that the implemented Verify technology developed by the UK government in a slow-moving mode will not be widely used, as its use is not always possible.

Meanwhile, Canada and Switzerland are planning to introduce an identification blockchain system.

Time will tell if we can completely give up paper identity cards, but reading news feeds, you can catch yourself thinking that the future is just around the corner.

28.11.2017 Expect the worst …

The mystery of the century – who is the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto? Yesterday, it was reported that a former employee of SpaceX project, Sakhil Gupta, has every reason to believe that bitcoin was created by the legendary innovator and engineer Ilon Mask. Admit it, this would be quite expected and logical, considering all the merits of this outstanding personality!

Today Ilon disproved this supposition on his Twitter. He said that his friend had once transferred a bitcoin to him, but the fate of the money is unknown to Mask.

By the way, talking about the fate of cryptocoins. Without exaggeration, the heartbreaking story happened to a resident of Newport, Rhode Island, USA, James Howells. In 2009 he mined 7500 bitcoins at home. The laptop which the bitcoins were kept on broke down and he got rid of it, saving only its hard drive. After a while, forgetting about the presence of cryptocurrency on the HDD, he simply threw it away.

A spokeswoman of the city council in Newport said that even if someone finds a treasure lost by the poor fellow, it will certainly be returned to the owner. The attitude of local authorities is worthy of respect, isn`t it?

And in the meantime, remembering that the bitcoin`s exchange rate has exceeded $ 10,000 dollars, it’s easy to calculate how much James` forgetfulness cost him…

27.11.2017 4 million bitcoins – it`s not a joke!

Bitcoin has recently been in the highlight of the world media. At the weekend, it updated the price record, exceeding over 9.000 dollars for a coin.

Against the backdrop of its price the Chainalysis project`s study hurts psyche even more. It announced that from 2.78 million to 3.79 million bitcoins have disappeared from the turnover forever. Among mentioned reasons, there are erroneous transactions, loss of wallets` passwords, etc. At today’s rate, it is $ 25-35 billion.

The company says that due to the powerful growth of bitcoin prices, coin holders are becoming more attentive to their assets. Nevertheless, the amount of the cryptocoins that potentially fall out of the turnover will only grow. The project does not specify the methodology of the study, but it is known that Europol and the US Internal Revenue Service apply to their services.

It is not entirely clear whether the coins kept on CoolWallets were taken into account in the study. But anyway, the scale of losses is impressive.

26.11.2017 Cryptocurrency in everyday life

The debit card VISA is planned to be issued by developers of Monaco cryptocurrency. This they reported on their Twitter. The exact date of the appearance of payment instruments is not known yet, but the same message says that the news related to this will appear in the nearest future.

The video which presents the cards` demo is posted on YouTube. They are well designed and claim to be premium ones.

The news aroused great interest among audiences from all around the world, from the Netherlands to Australia, – in the comments to the video, many expressed the desire to get a plastic card.

This is another step in the introduction of cryptocurrency in our daily lives. More and more stores are accepting bitcoins, installing cryptomats, which you can use to carry out digital money transactions.

Let`s recall that last week London Block Exchange released DragonCard Visa for purchase and cryptocurrency cashing out transactions.

25.11.2017 The rate is growing, but tokens are faster!

To buy cheaper, to sell more expensive. The cryptocurrency rate has gone up, and the decision to wait a little to purchase digital money is obvious. However, it is not about the Mining Now project participation!
Because the administration of the project guarantees that MNW tokens are recalculated at the maximum rate of cryptocurrency at the time of their purchasing or at the end of the ICO. Thus, each investor`s money will work with the maximum benefit for him while providing additional financial protection. MNW token is an investment capitalization that does not need to be advertised.

25.11.2017 Blockchain and the new world order

The other day the Japanese village of Nishiwakura announced a carrying out of an ICO for the infrastructure`s update and the economy recovery. Today it became known about the similar intentions of the authorities of Bermuda. Such news make think about the following.

Will technological progress lead to a change in the world order? Agree, the first thing that comes to mind is that it will soon be a common practice to raise funds to solve local problems of building an apartment, a street, a village, a city or a region by means of funds brought through ICO, without appealing to a state. On the one hand, it can give an impetus to the development of the economy and infrastructure, on the other – the weakening of a central state machine, when every small administrative unit will achieve economic independence.

And if blockchain leads to the decentralization of power, the economic freedom of small administrative units, it can be said with certainty that it has changed the world. It remains only to believe that each day there will be more and more news like the one that came from the Japanese village of Nishyavakura.

24.11.2017 Where shall we get electricity?

Digiconomist and Power Compare think that with the current growth pace of electricity consumption for bitcoin mining, which we can see now, by February 2020 all generated electricity will be spent on mining of the first cryptocurrency. That was reported by ITWire.

For example, during the last month, the energy consumption of the industry has increased by 30 percent. A surge of the popularity of the subject and an increase of the complexity of computing blocks can be an explanation of this.

According to statistics, global electricity consumption today is 29.05 terawatt-hours (TW/h, TW/h), which is, for example, about 13 percent of Australia and more than 12 US states` consumption.

As it was previously reported, analyst Citigroup Christopher Chapman said that by 2022 cryptocurrency will become unprofitable because of high power intensity.

It is expected that the deficit and cost of electricity will make business and government seriously engage in alternative sources and developments to reduce consumption.

23.11.2017 J.P. Morgan will crawfish?

One of the most principle bitcoin critics J.P. Morgan is considering the possibility of providing the access to Bitcoin CME Group futures to clients. Now the company is studying the demand for this service. It was told by The Wall Street Journal.

The reason for that may be the headship of the giant from Wall Street recognition of institutional investors` increased interest in the cryptocurrency market, as well as the recent money laundering scandal.

Apropos CME Group announced bitcoin futures launch starting December 10, 2017. However, according to recent reports, it has been indefinitely postponed. CME Group explained the situation by futures testing by CME regulator.

22.11.2017 Hackers being ferocious

Tether, a cryptocurrency equivalent of dollar, created in order to make transactions between the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, in its official statement reported on the actions of intruders, which resulted the theft of 30,950,010 tokens USDT, which corresponds to 30.95 million dollars. The transfer to an unauthorized bitcoin address was made in November 19.

Tether takes the nineteenth place at the world`s cryptocurrency value with a market capitalization of $ 673 million, whose tokens are bound to fiat currencies.

The company makes every effort to ensure that the stolen funds do not flow into the bitcoin ecosystem.

The market reacted to the news with a drop in the bitcoin rate by 5.4 percent. The largest cryptocurrency exchanges announced the stop of bidding of Tether tokens until the situation stabilizes. In particular, Huobi.Pro and OKEx did so.

This is not the first major hacker attack on the cryptocurrency market. For example, a few months ago, Bithumb’s cryptocurrency exchange was hacked and the attackers took over 32,000 users` personal data, which is about 3% of the total.

20.11.2017 Bitcoin should or should not be?

Against the backdrop of different countries and banking community`s extensive criticism of cryptocurrencies, whose main claim is the lack of control and the possibility of their use in the shadow economy and the financing of terrorism, the price of bitcoin broke through 8000 dollars per unit. There are many opinions on the future of the first cryptocurrency. Some people believe that the price for a bitcoin should not exceed one hundred US dollars, others that it will reach 400,000 dollars for one coin.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe the exchange rate reached 14,000, which is explained by the coup d’état that took place last week.

Trading platform LedgerX announced the launch of the first option for bitcoin for a year in advance.

So what will happen to the bitcoin rate? Most likely, nobody knows one hundred percent. However, after reading the news feeds attentively, a strong feeling that there is no reason for its collapse appears.

18.11.2017 NEO, you’re the chosen one!

The so-called Chinese Ethereum, namely the NEO project, announced that the important news will be released in the next three days. The market reacted immediately, raising the rate of tokens by one third.

There is a suggestion that during this period the Chinese authorities will announce a plan for regulating the market of cryptocurrency, and NEO will receive direct state support.

Whatever it was, it should be noted that this is a good and cunning move from the project`s managers – the rate has been raised and they`ve reminded of themselves once again.

Let’s notice that from China, as well as from a lot of other countries, the most controversial news about state cryptocurrency regulation come. First they turn off the electricity for miners, then they prohibit the trade of cryptocurrency for yuan, then vice versa – they launch new projects. All this despite the fact that Tianxia is the world leader in the mining capacities and production of equipment for it.

17.11.2017 Blockchain corridor between Europe and America

The payment system American Express announced the long-awaited news: now money transfers from Europe to America and back will take not one or two days, as it used to be before, but several seconds. This was made possible due to cooperation with the Ripple settlement system, which provided its RippleNet blockchain to create an intercontinental corridor. According to Marcus Triher, the head of Ripple, this corridor is not only fast, but also safe. Europe uses a platform of British Santander. It is noted that the corridor uses a perfect blockchain, and the operation now takes less than 9 seconds.

Let`s recall that an attempt to connect Europe and the States has already been made in the cooperation of Ripple and the Swedish bank SEB.

The corridor will be managed by a special unit of AmEx.

The market has immediately reacted to the news. On Thursday, XRP tokens, the currency of the Ripple system, increased more than twice, and the daily trading volume – fourfold. Now the market capitalization of XRP is at around $ 9.2 billion.

17.11.2017 MinerTopia announced its closure

A few days after Bitcoin Gold launch, MinerTopia mining pool announced their shutting down. They explained that by saying they were generally disappointed in this cryptocurrency, transactions were slow, wallets were unstable, and that in general BTG mining was a waste of time.

Everything would be fine, but the pool users who mined tokens using it, will get nothing.

And this is not the only scandal over the young cryptocurrency. Today it has become known that the pool introduced a hidden commission 0,5% for the use of the resource. It was transferred directly to a personal wallet of one of the developers, Martin Kuvandzhiev. It also had to close.

Meanwhile, since its launch, Bitcoin Gold rate has increased by 20% on average, which is about $ 153 per unit.

16.11.2017 Mining Now tokens will be issued in December 4th

Pre-Sale and Pre-ICO are being successfully completed, it’s only 19 days left till the end, the first payment of income is going to happen in a month.

AA! LAB company announces that in January 15th, 2018, the owners of the tokens, who participated in Pre-Sale and Pre-ICO of the international Mining Now project before December 1st of this year, will be able to receive their first payments of their incomes.

According to Alexei Zenkov, the founder and project manager of Mining Now, as an additional Christmas bonus all participants of the Pre-ICO will get a gift – the first payment of the amount of tokens purchased is going to be 5 %. You will be able to choose the type of payment (cryptocurrency or fiat) on your account on the Mining Now website. Accounts will open in December 5th, 2017. AA! LAB Company thanks everyone who joined the blockchain project.

16.11.2017 Another decision in favor of people

Deputies propose to allow Russians to buy tokens during ICO amounting to not more than one hundred thousand rubles. This was reported by Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets.

The purpose of this restriction is to exclude the possibility of capital laundering. At the same time, from his statement it is not entirely clear if it will be possible to invest this amount in one ICO or the total investment in all projects of one individual should not exceed it.

It is clear that the Duma members are thinking of people, and ultimately this will refer to a small amount of citizens. Ways to bypass this restriction immediately come to mind. For example, it will be possible to register children and old people to participation. However, the only question is: why? If an economically active Russian has got spare funds, which he wants to invest in startups, why should he be interfered? Wouldn`t it be more correct to develop ways of regulation and taxation, so that everyone would stay with his owns?

And how will they control this? For example, someone decided to invest their Ethereums, who would stop him?

It seems that deputies` loud speeches about blochchain and cryptocurrencies mean that they do not even know what they really are.

14.11.2017 Abkhazia – the birthplace of the first national cryptocurrency

Abkhazia – the birthplace of the first national cryptocurrency

While the Russian government doesn`t know how to approach the topic of regulating the market of cryptocurrency, talking either about intends to prohibit everything, then about the desire to impose taxes on everything, or about the exemption from the taxes, Abkhazia announced the issue of Abkhazian Coin.

That`s the way the post-war country is trying to bring capital to solve its current problems with the economy not falling under the restrictions imposed by international financial institutions. ICO is scheduled for this year.

14.11.2017 Speaking is not moving sacks!

Speaking is not moving sacks!

Right after the cancellation of SegWit2X’s hardfork, a large group bitPico announced that, no matter what, they`ll do it themselves.

Today, the information that the bitPico had abandoned their intentions appeared. They explain the decision by the fact that there is no unity in the community, and those who need large blocks can always switch to Bitcoin Cash mining.

In the meantime, cryptocurrency exchange Yobit start running auctions with SegWit2X tokens until hardfork. Does this mean that it`s really going to happen? This is a big question.

Let us recall that the hardfork cancellation caused chaos on the cryptocurrency market, the volatility of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash exchange rate is very high.

13.11.2017 United Company RUSAL and AA! LAB Company signed a memorandum

United Company RUSAL and AA! LAB Company signed a memorandum

The parties are working on signing an agreement in the field of digital technologies.

The content of the document on modalities of the cooperation between the world’s largest aluminum producer and the Russian representative office of the Bulgarian company will be announced in a joint statement of both parties in the nearest future.
The agreement provides the maximum use of RUSAL and AA! LAB facilities for solving strategic tasks in the development of modern computer and digital technologies (blockchain).
It is planned that the agreement will be signed before the ICO of the international project Mining Now.

13.11.2017 How Bitcoin Cash attacked its ancestor

How Bitcoin Cash attacked its ancestor

In November 12th, we could see an interesting precedent: cryptocurrency miners started switching their attention from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. What is the reason for this?

After the cancellation of the Segwit2x’s hardfork, chaos had started at the currency market, which led to a rush drop in bitcoin price below $ 6,000, despite the fact that it was recently close to $ 8,000. The situation with Bitcoin Cash is reverse – the price per unit has reached 2800 dollars.

The totality of these circumstances led to the fact that Bitcoin Cash mining was three times more profitable than bitcoin, and miners switched to blockchain of the first one. For a short time, Bitcoin Cash hashrate for the first time since its appearance exceeded the hashrate of bitcoin.

After a short time, the situation returned to the usual course, when, after recalculating the complexity, it became again more profitable to mine bitcoin, what miners reacted to and returned the power back to its original position.

Nevertheless, the first bell has rung. Despite the fact that bitcoin won this time, we can see that the network of the most popular cryptocurrency is not the most reliable, and that miners are ready to change to a blockchain that is more profitable. The appearance of 100,000 transactions in the bitcoin network at the time of the fall of the hashrate, which created a traffic jam in the network, gave an extra reason to Bitcoin Cash supporters to talk about its recognition as true.

12.11.2017 Mining Now will be presented at the international investment forum “Challenge of Time” in Moscow in November 24th

Mining Now will be presented at the international investment forum
“Challenge of Time” in Moscow in November 24th

The International Investment Road Show Forum “Challenge of Time” – 2017 is held for investors and companies that raise funds for their projects through IPO, ICO, bonds and direct investments. The Bulgarian company AA! LAB will also be a participant in the Moscow business summit. It is going to present a forward – looking blockchain project Mining Now.
According to Alexei Zenkov, the founder and head of this international project, potential investors will be able to get acquainted with the advantages of industrial mining, estimate the economic model of Mining Now, and find out how we plan to develop a hi-tech project in the future.
On the next Tuesday already, within the frameworks of preparation for the international investment forum, Zenkov is going to make a report at the round table of the St. Petersburg “OPORA RUSSIA”* office. The event is devoted to problems of using free energy capacities in the north-west of Russia. The project manager of Mining Now is going to offer to discuss the usage of such capacities for the operation of industrial mining.
As Alexei Zenkov assures, he is ready to answer all questions concerning the mining of cryptocurrency, and also the public system of income distribution for tokens owners.
The International Investment Road Show Forum “Challenge of Time” – 2017 positions itself as a platform for the investors who can enter at the very beginning of submitted projects or for those who already operate their businesses entering a new stage of development. Participants of the forum are invited to consider various forms of investment: equity, debt participation in business: pre-IPO / IPO, pre-ICO / ICO, bonds, etc.

*The all – Russian non – governmental organization of small and medium business “OPORA RUSSIA”

08.11.2017 Urgent news!!

Urgent news !!

Canceled, scheduled for November 16, the bitcoin hardcore!
Full description, expect throughout the day in our blog.

08.11.2017 Over time, the currency will replace the dollar

Over time, the currency will replace the dollar

Scientists predict financial collapse of banknotes

According to Jim Reed, the leading strategist at Deutsche Bank, it is cryptocurrencies which will allow people to survive the global financial collapse. Now the basis of the financial system is the US dollar. However, a constant printing of fiat money can disperse inflationary processes until a complete collapse.
Reed sees a salvation of mankind in the development of cryptocurrencies as the only alternative to fiats. He will prove his opinion by saying that blockchain is a decentralization and the absence of any state control, and the value of cryptocurrency is regulated solely by the balance of supply and demand.
Perhaps, cryptocurrency is a natural evolution of fiat money, and when a real formula of exchange will be found, banknotes will sink into oblivion.
Jim Read’s view on the future of fiats is shared by Alexei Zenkov, the founder and head of the international project Mining Now.
He notes that the rules of blockchain game cannot be changed without the approval of the majority of the community, and all decisions can be made only on the basis of consensus – the agreement of half of the participants in the generating capacities.
“You cannot change the rules of new coins generating,” Zenkov explains. – The most illustrative example is the network of bitcoins, where the number of coins is initially limited, which excludes any possibility of inflation. Unlike usual currencies, where the only issuer is the state, which at any time is able to make any amount of fiat. ”
However, the leader of the project Mining Now notices that both cryptocurrencies and fiat ones are not confirmed by any tangible asset, e.g. by gold. Nevertheless, the first ones are supported by a demand. And since in the majority of cryptocurrencies a number of coins is limited, it guarantees a steady demand and, as a consequence, a rush increase in the exchange rate.
“Undoubtedly, it cannot be said that the existing cryptocurrencies will save humanity from the financial apocalypse. After all, today the 15 largest mining pools control 90 percent of the generation capacity in the network of bitcoins. And this creates a danger for the idea of decentralization of cryptocurrency, – Alexei Zenkov shares his views. – We will observe one of the stages of the struggle for the future of blockchain already in November 16th, when a new hardfork of bitcoin is planned. However, the technology of blockchain can really become the basis of the financial system in the future, and any of newly created cryptocurrencies will take on itself functions of a reserve world currency, replacing the US dollar.”

03.11.2017 Russia lost 18 billion rubles because of unregulated ICO

Such data was published by German Klimenko, President Vladimir Putin for the Internet issues councilor. This is just 10 months of 2017 damage that was inflicted on the Russian.

The reason for the financial losses lies in the absence of state regulation in the ICO sphere, Russian Cryptocurrency and blockchaining association (RCBA) state. In addition, about 3.5 billion rubles, according to Klimenko, did not enter the federal budget in the form of taxes.
The attitude of Russian officials towards the development of cryptomarket is fundamentally different from the position taken by the authorities of Vietnam, Indonesia, Lebanon and China. In these countries, the circulation of digital currencies is strictly limited, or even prohibited.
Australia, for example, has the same attitude as Russia does. The central bank of the “green continent” demonstrate understanding that blockchain enters into everyday life. Tony Richards, the head of the department of payment policy of the Reserve Bank, admits that the blockchain system can be used, both in the financial sector and in other sectors of the economy.
In 2018, a new payment platform (NPP) is expected to be started in Australia. Payments will be processed in the Reserve Bank. This platform is potentially compatible with blockchaining.
Let`s recall that Alexei Zenkov, the founder and head of the international project Mining Now is convinced: in Russia, state regulation in the ICO sphere and the creation of a national digital currency – a cryptoruble, can lead to the fact that citizens will have a legal opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat ones by paying an income tax. He notes that this is how Mining Now is working today.
RCBA calculated the damage to the domestic economy building on the information on ICO of Russian citizens conducted during 2017 in foreign jurisdictions.

03.11.2017 Officials will learn blockchaining

A course on the basics of cryptoeconomics for members of the Russian government has been developed. Meanwhile, Ukraine is going to use blockchain to carrying out election campaigns.

According to media reports, Vnesheconombank is ready to teach federal officials the basics of blockade in 14 hours. Then they will pass tests on knowledge of cryptoeconomics. However, if in Russia they just begin studying the basics of technological revolution, the UK is already ready to help Ukraine to introduce blochchain for using it during elections.
Technological solutions have been successfully tested for election purposes since 2014. The Danish party Liberal Alliance which used the technology of the distributed registry to carry out their elections in one of the suburbs of Copenhagen, became innovators.
In the case of Kiev’s consent, they will receive blochchain, which will ensure the highest level of data protection and guarantees of election procedures. According to the developers, the system can be implemented within a month. After that, any falsifications of elections will be out of the question. The first step was a recent transfer of the Ukrainian State Land Registration to the blockchain technology.

02.11.2017 Blockchain is too tough for hackers

Blockchain is too tough for hackers.

Yesterday bitcoin was precisely nine years old. On the 3th of October, 2008 a protocol and a principle of operation of a principally new payment system was published by a person or a group of people who were hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamato. As Aleksei Zenkov, the founder and project manager of Mining Now, notes, the success of bitcoin largely depends on its defense – now the cost of hacking is estimated by experts at USD 50 billion.
However, two months passed between the release of the first file and the release of the first bitcoin. The peer-to-peer payment system, which has got a reliable cryptographic protection, started functioning fully in January 3, 2009 – 50 bitcoins came out to conquer the world. And its latest version appeared relatively recently – in June 18, 2017.
In September of the same year the first exchange of bitcoins to a fiat currency was made (US dollars), and in May 2010 the first goods were purchased for cryptocurrency. They were two delivered pizzas. Today, taking the bitcoin rate of exchange into account, this purchase would cost USD 65,563,500.
“Bitcoin is by far the most famous currency on cryptomarket,” Aleksei Zenkov says, the founder and project manager of Mining Now. – But pay attention to such currencies as etherium. This is not even a currency, but a technological platform which more and more solutions are being built on, both for business and the state interests. ”
Indeed, buddy bitcoin, which no one can block even temporarily, except for an owner of a cryptocurrency, is no longer available from the graphical interface and is not complete in Turing, in contrast to new blockchain systems that came to replace it.
According to Aleksei Zenkov, today cryptocurrencies have got an exceptional reliability.
“Despite numerous attempts, hackers have never managed to crack any serious blockchain network. The only thing that could be done to intruders was to steal keys of users` wallets. However, this is already a question to the users or to the exchanges that issued the keys of the access codes. If we talk about the cost of hacking of a bitcoin network, now it is estimated at half the cost of its capitalization, that is, at least $ 50 billion,” the project manager of Mining Now states.

01.11.2017 Aleksei Zenkov: “We are for a fair cryptoruble”

Aleksei Zenkov: “We are for a fair cryptoruble”
In Russia, a decision to issue a national cryptocurrency has been made. The signal to this has been recently given by the President Vladimir Putin. How did the miners, who have been already producing cryptocurrency in the country, react to the position of the head of the state? The opinion of those who advocate the legalization of this sphere has been voiced by the founder and project manager of Mining Now.
Let`s recall that Vladimir Putin said he knows about the negative attitude of the Central Bank to admission of cryptocurrencies to the Russian market. However, he added, basing on the international experience, that it is necessary to build a regulatory environment that will systematize relations in this sphere and “not to build up unnecessary barriers”.
After that Nikolay Nikiforov, the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, announced the possible release of a new domestic currency – the cryptoruble. Meanwhile, the heads of state authorities have already begun to set up mining centers in regions. It is known, at least, that high – capacity farms will appear in the Leningrad Region and in Udmurtia. Kremlin instructed the Russian government to legally make the regulation of the currency market by July 2018.
According to Alexander Svinin, a representative of the government of Udmurtia, the implementation of the project in the field of mining, which is planned to be carried out in cooperation with China, “will bring to investments, create additional jobs and receive a stable income from the sale of electricity.” At the same time, the chairman of the Expert Council for digital economy and blockchaining at the State Duma’s specialized committee Artem Koltsov does not exclude that mining will be actively represented in the Leningrad Region, where the governor intends to launch a farm using resources of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.
According to the experts, the most likely scenario of the state regulation is an establishment of the cryptoruble and the introduction of a mining tax.
Aleksei Zenkov, the founder and project manager of Mining Now, considers the appearance of the cryptoruble as a reasonable step and agrees that regulation of this market will not go anywhere. “Cryptoruble will play a positive role if its task is to ensure entry and exit into the sphere of crypto market, transfer from cryptocurrencies to the fiat ones. In this case citizens will have the opportunity to exchange money legally, for example, paying 13 percent of income. A transparent tax scheme would bring to business representatives` notice to this market, even large ones,” he said.
The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia has already revealed an interest in money laundering with the help of cryptocurrencies. And the will to legalize the proceeds that are obtained by criminal means, is growing. Anton Siluanov, the Minister of Finance of Russia, takes digital means of payment ambiguously, considering the cryptocurrency “just surrogate money.” Proceeding from this attitude to the mining, the participants of the crypto market share the position of Vladimir Putin about the need to build a regulatory environment.
“We are for a fair honest cryptoruble,” Zenkov concludes. – Already today, we provide an opportunity for people to receive income in the form of fiat currencies (ordinary money) through a local representation of Mining Now in Russia with the payment of income tax. This gives them the opportunity to participate in the cryptotrade legally and not to have slanting looks from law enforcement and fiscal authorities.”

30.10.2017 International project Mining Now

International project Mining Now is ready to come to the State Duma of Russia
According to the statement of the committee for education and science deputy Boris Chernyshov, on 25th of December the first world meeting of miners is going to be held there. The deputy has information that representatives of 16 countries will participate in the event, including Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, the United States and others.
“We, as representatives of Bulgaria in the field of mining, are interested in visiting such a meeting,” Aleksei Zenkov comments, the founder and project manager of Mining Now. “The main generating capacities of the project are now located exactly in Russia because of the low cost of electricity. And it is understandable that interaction with the legislative superior bodies contribute us, miners, to the understanding of the rules of the game which will be established by the Russian state.”
As the organizers of the first world meeting consider, it promises to become interesting. In particular, because Russia has already formed a sufficient number of structures that deal with blocking technologies and mining. Two months ago the Cryptocurrencies and blockchain association was established. German Klimenko, President Vladimir Putin for the Internet issued councilor, was at the origin of it.
It would be more correct to call the Mining Now project, which identifies itself as a Bulgarian one, international. After all, it mines cryptocurrency in the territory of Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.
According to its founder and CEO Aleksei Zenkov, communication with colleagues in the blockchain field and State Duma deputies will allow discussing the creation of the favorable legal framework and the most advanced legislation which will help to attract developers to Russian jurisdiction.
“This, in turn, will lead to the effective use of spare electricity on the market, and perhaps even the receipt of some preferences for the miners who work legally in Russia,” the head of the international Mining Now project says.

29.10.2017 Mining for amateurs

Mining for amateurs – how to earn and not to lose.

Let’s say you do not know what mining is, but you really want to do it. After all, it is fashionable and they say it is profitable. However, there is one trouble – you are not a millionaire who is ready to invest in a tempting business a lot of money. And you know the price of every single earned penny.
What to do?

There are several options. You have got the right to choose.
The easiest way is home mining
To enter the market, you will need to buy an ASIC-miner or a farm on video cards. By the way, if you have got the appropriate skills and knowledge, you can try to make a farm yourself.
And then you place ASIC-miner in your apartment. Yes, this will lead to a constant noise and a large consumption of electricity. However, don`t count on a big electricity power because after all the household electrical wirings are not intended for a continuous load.
From a technical point of view, the ASIC-miner consumes about 1 kW. Continuous work of five devices like that at your home threatens to turn into burned wiring or even a fire. And instead of an expected profit it will have to be content with serious repair.

Let`s say that the state of internal wiring in an apartment allows you to earn crypto currency with the help of several ASIC-miners. This does not exclude their possible breakdown, since ASIC-miners are rather capricious. And if you build a farm on video cards, then the risks of unsuccessful assembly, complexity of tuning, instability of work are great. By the way, although the manufacturers of video cards give a three-year warranty, are not really ready to change the video cards that were used for mining.

The payback period of the most affordable miners for domestic use is rather small. This is about 10, at the peak – 15% per month. However, expecting maximum profit constantly is reckless, as there are more miners, and the complexity of extraction regulates the profitability.

For example, the cost of any coin is increasing, the profitability of its extraction is increasing. This will lead to an increase in complexity that will compensate the process of obtaining a crypto currency. It is more reasonable to expect a monthly return of 10%. Then it is necessary to deduct the cost of electricity, which will reduce the financial indicator by a quarter. As a result, it will be approximately 7.5%.
The minimum amount of investments for home mining starts USD 2000. It is easy to verify that the payback period of such a miner will be at least a year. A year is a lot. And technical breakdowns? And the collapse of specific currencies on the market?

In addition, such mining requires a constant attention. It is necessary to monitor constantly which currencies are more interesting for mining at the moment, and then sell them on the market, transfer them to other crypto-currencies or to fiat currencies (ordinary money). It’s troublesome.

We admit that home mining is not a business. It is useful to understand the fundamentals of blockchain technologies, to enter the market from the very beginning, starting with a generation. It is not an accident that home mining is considered to be just a smooth entrance to trading. It is possible that you will not even be able to pay off the material investments, but you will be able to get a large amount of knowledge.
And to achieve financial success, the beginner will need more serious investments – starting with USD 10000.
One of the alternatives to this is a cloud mining.

And here you are – on the cloud …
Cloud mining is much more attractive than a home one. This is an online service that provides an opportunity to buy some of the computing power. Mostly they sell you a certain amount of services. It is measured by a number of decisions per a second, in mHash or kHash, depending on crypto currency. It is not excluded that you will be asked to buy one or more of the miners entirely. But let’s digress from maths.
The advantage of cloud mining is that you quickly enter the market. A working minor starts to earn crypto currency virtually right after its payment. However, there are nuances. There is no certainty that your money is really invested in an existing computing power. Absolute opacity of the Internet service makes you wonder if you have become a hostage of a financial pyramid?
And really – who are they, the owners of the company? Where are the processing power? How are they served?

Representatives of the Internet service are virtual, as well as the cloud mining. You deposit money on your account from your credit card, and in return you receive a proportional amount of computing power. Or you do not…
At first you can risk a small amount. For example, you can get a computing power at USD 150. In a couple of months if you do not receive a notification that due to an increased complexity of mining, the purchased capacity is unprofitable and is closing, then consider you are lucky.

However, there are really favorable offers on the market. Let`s say there are projects which offer participants a 10-15% and higher profit per month. Alas, this is a clear scam and no one is going to fulfill your financial obligations.

But we are not going to think badly about everyone. After all, there are long-running cloud-hosting companies that are known to many market participants. Here a payback period of your investments in the purchase of computing capacities is 10-15 months.
Nevertheless, cloud mining is interesting. It has got an easy entry on the market and a low level of investment. The main thing is not to get on a scam-project or not to get bogged down in a financial pyramid.
You can get even more crypto currency if you are engaged in industrial mining…
Is it time to become an industrialist?
If home mining is for amateurs, then this is for professionals. A big amount of miners requires a production area which is provided with a large electrical power, since it is needed to install some expensive computer equipment and an appropriate cooling system.

Cooling is one of the most fundamental principles of such mining. All the power of computers is allocated to heat. Using air conditioners is too expensive, because they also consume electricity, comparable to the power of the mining equipment.
The minimum entrance to this level of business is 50 kW and about the same number of different types of miners. Plus, there is a cost of renting production facilities, maintenance staff and physical security.
The cost of consumed electricity can be reduced by replacing air conditioners with a flow-through ventilation system. If you understand how to do it.
Being engaged in industrial mining makes sense if you invest in it USD 100.000-120.000. However, this is no longer a domestic production of the crypto currency, but a real business. It maintains its authenticity.

At home level, you can use the Internet exchanger, withdrawing money to your bank card. In industrial mining, it is required to ensure a good sale of a produced currency at the exchange and to develop a mechanism for transferring these funds to fiat currencies. And serious problems can arise here.
Financial monitoring is almost certainly going to become interested in the origins of the appearance of money from the sale of crypto currency. Moreover, in some countries this concept is not clearly defined by the current legislation.

Industrial mining will require you to have some deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You can`t ensure proper diversification of business without them. You will not be able to pay back multidirectional equipment and ensure the generation of different currencies. It is necessary to receive information about possible fluctuations on the market timely based on technological innovations and legislative initiatives. And still, it is impossible to insure yourself from failures on crypto market, both in terms of the depreciation of a particular currency, and with the increasing complexity of its extraction.
Some time ago, for example, market participants actively purchased equipment for generating currency Dash. The payback period of such projects was only one month. But a sharp increase in the number of miners soon led to the fact that Dash mining became hundreds of times more difficult.

Today the payback of industrial mining of this crypto currency has already amounted to 4-5 months, without taking into account the cost of electricity. The profitability of Dash mining is still very high – about 25-30% per month, however, it decreases every day.
You shouldn`t wait for miracles from industrial mining. The yield that you can get will be no more than 15% per month. This is certainly a very good indicator. And high risks …
You can still become a millionaire, albeit not so fast. If you stop on industrial mining through ICO.

Tokens game is more profitable than a risky business
Strangely enough but participation in one of the under construction industrial mining projects through the ICO is the best option for those who want to mine successfully.
The main thing is not to get on any scam-project, which does not involve any implementation, but only collects your money. Or a very real project that is not able to meet financial obligations because of a weak legal or organizational component.
Therefore, when choosing a particular project, it is important to pay attention to a reliability of information about it. Where is the company registered on behalf of which ICO is conducted? How exactly is it supposed to make a profit – in a crypto currency or a fiat? Is it possible to convert them? Are miners described in a proper way in this project? Is a profit distribution model the same as it is declared? What taxes do you have to pay if the payments are made in a fiat currency?

For example, on a web – site What to Mine you can find out how profitable it is to obtain this or that crypto currency. It is also important to know whether the withdrawal of your funds from the project, if it is necessary, is provided through the sale of tokens.
The construction of a farm, even from scratch, doesn`t take longer than three months. And if the receipt of profits is provided once a year, then it makes sense to think how reasonable it is to participate in such a project.
The principal indicator for you is the increase in a cost of tokens that you get to participate in the business. After all, after deduction of costs, industrial mining through ICO brings only 5% of monthly income or 60% per annum. And that’s all.

A greater profitability can be obtained by increasing a value of assets – tokens. It is regarded as an important financial tool in our Mining Now community! In addition to the guaranteed monthly income, which is targeted at 3%, each investor receives a profit from investing in development of computing power. This increase leads to an avalanche effect and, accordingly, to the increase in a cost of the tokens that you own.
Even the most modest forecasts show that this figure reaches an average of 100-140% per year. Totally you will definitely be able to earn 36% per annum from mining and 100% from the growth of tokens.
But most importantly, what will you stay with if you decide to leave the business?
You will have real money because you will sell your tokens on the exchange to another user or to the Mining Now community!

Finally, to enter the market through participation in industrial mining through ICO is possible starting with USD 20-50. This is much cheaper than a domestic production of crypto currency. As for the expected benefits, it has already been mentioned above.
Welcome to our Mining Now community!

28.10.2017 Let’s get acquainted!

Hello everyone! Whether you happen to be here accidentally or on purpose, we are glad to welcome our friend in our Mining Now community! Let’s get acquainted!
What do you know about crypto-currencies and the way they are mined? Even if youre a real pro, for sure you will confirm that unprofessional mining is a risky business.
The complexity of mining is increasing, the price of crypto currency is highly volatile, miners are growing old and they require maintenance, repair and timely reconfiguration.
However this business, especially if it is risky, is needed to be competently run: managing the equipment, conducting complex calculations with equipment and services investors and suppliers.
And this laborious work is exactly what our Mining Now company does! We are engaged in purchasing, connecting and setting up the equipment for mining of crypto-currencies. We service a huge farm and manage a pool of equipment so that each member of the community receives the maximum profit.
In other words, we do not inflate soap bubbles but conduct tangible productive activities. The result is an effective mining and the interests of everyone who joined us are respected.
If you have read this far, then you are already thinking about how to mine crypto currency and what such an acquisition can be specifically for you. Now lets deed.

1) buy tokens Mining Now! for any price starting with 10 euros. Payment is accepted in the currency of the bank on the company’s settlement account or in the crypto currency;

2) convert at the current exchange rate by receiving tokens on the Ethereum wallet;

3) participate in the procurement of new equipment with your investments via us;

Monthly we distribute 30% of the profit from the mining activity among the owners of Mining Now tokens! We estimate the current value of our tokens basing upon the fact that it should bring 3% of its value monthly. And since the profitability from mining is higher, this guarantees the growth of the cost of Mining Now tokens!
Our business model takes into account market volatility. That is the obligations to you will be met, even if the rate of crypto-currency will fall 4 times. However, this offer looks fantastic because if someone falls, then someone on the contrary rises. And having a production base for efficient mining, we timely switch to a leader.
A community member is not only ensured a profitability of 3% per month from the market value of the tokens he purchased. He benefits from an increase in the cost of his acquisition. After all, you can sell tokens on the exchange at a high rate, or use the option of repurchase. This part of an income can be much higher and reach 120-160% per annum.
A pleasant detail. We give our friends the right to choose – a part of a received income, if it`s desired, is not provided in the form of payments in a fiat currency (euro), but by bitcoins, ethereums or another crypto currency.
Who are we? A European company with registration in Bulgaria. In other words, we are a mining company that is able to provide the main components of the ico project reliability, openness, security and simplicity, and significantly reduce the risks for any member of the Mining Now community!

Thank you for your interest to our work and let’s mine together!

26.10.2017 We opened our blog!