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16.07.2018 Payments for June 2018

Good afternoon, dear partners!

Yesterday, payments were made for June 2018.

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Mining now – is an association,
created by AA!LAB,
for industrial mining of crypto currencies.


Company AA!LAB

  • The owner of all rights to crypto currency (MNW), generation capacity, intellectual rights (software), trademarks, etc .;
  • Carries out operational activity on work with clients

Regional companies for carrying out activities in the country of residence:

  • Gather new generating capacities;
  • Serves installed capacity;
  • Provides interaction with local VIP-clients


Bitcoin is falling, but the MNW token doesn`t really care

Against the background of cryptocurrency community worries our investors keep calm.
And this is quite understandable. The team of the international project Mining Now systematically overcame three collapses of cryptocurrency in a row. The developed plan allows moving forward, accurately fulfilling all the inferred financial obligations for investors and partners.
On February 8, the total cost of purchased equipment for mining amounted to about 3.1 million euros. The total power consumption reached 945 kW. Today the technical capabilities of our project allowed increasing the generation to 1.27 bitcoins a day.
It`s enough to say that over the past period of 2018, the price of MNW token increased from 9.2 to 9.6 euros. At the beginning of this year, the unit yield of the digital asset was 57.33%, as on February 1 it was 51.33%.
It’s easy to see that the business model of the international Mining Now project allows you to hedge against sharp fluctuations in the cryptocurrency cost in the market. The price of our tokens is set based on the average monthly return of 3%. Accordingly, even in the case of financial jumps of bitcoin, MNW tokens continue work to improve the financial well-being of each investor and partner.
Frankly speaking, the general panic in the cuprocurrency market to some extent affects the growth of the price of our tokens. They`re growing a little bit slower, but do not become cheaper. Therefore, the estimated amount of payments for February will be 34 euro cents per a token, which is 3.54% of its value.
And now the main thing.Even though bitcoin is falling down, MNW token does not really care. The declared amount of the February payment is equivalent to its value of 11.33 euros. Conclusion – it`s even more interesting to invest in our project now than in the period of growth of cryptocurrency. Do not miss your chance not to get lost in the crypto-ocean.
Let`s mine together!




What is «Mining Now»

The already existing mining capacities which can be seen personally.
Presence of own cryptocurrency "Mining now coin’’ (MNW) (Cryptoсurrency, tokens, coins).
Securing a cryptocurrency with monthly reimbursement paid in fiat money.
Security of tokens by all available computing powers.
A part of the income from mining is also spent on increasing the generating capacity
All funds received from the sale of a crypto currency are spent on increasing the generating capacity. Thus, new investments are beneficial both to new owners of Crypto currency, and to old investors.
All information on mining is publicly available to Crypto currency owners on the website of the Mining Company in the member's private office. The ability to see the projected payments of the current month online.
All the necessary legal standards are observed in the form signed by the two parties.


tokens MNW
Crypto-currency generation (mining)
tokens MNW
Sales income
from exchange trading
Transfer to
the exchange
for sale
tokens MNW
Crypto-currency generation (mining)
tokens MNW
Sales income
from exchange trading
Transfer to
the exchange
for sale

The milestones of forming generating capacity

Installed capacity, Megawatt
Planned period
01.07.2017 - 01.06.2018
01.11.2017 - 01.05.2018
01.04.2018 - 01.12.2018
01.08.2018 - 01.09.2019
01.08.2018 - 01.09.2019

Press about us

Industrial mining vs. cloud one

AA! LAB is a European company that implements an international project Mining Now. We are engaged in industrial mining, and this allows us to carry out a successful crowdfunding, to guarantee the MNW token value`s growth and accordingly a stable profit for our investors.
Thus, comparing the Mining Now project with cloud mining is fundamentally wrong. There`re fundamental differences between us. As evidence, the administration of the project gives five serious points that will help dispel leisured conjectures.
1. Industrial mining provides high profitability. ROI is carried out by monthly payments of at least 36%, in the future it is planned to bring this figure to 66%. In addition, it should be taken into account that the growth in the cost of the MNW token for the first year will be 180%. It is easy to calculate that the total profit for this period will be up to 245% of the initial investment.
2. Participation in industrial mining is a high degree of reliability and economic security. An investor purchases MNW tokens, which actually makes him a co-owner of the computing capacities of the Mining Now project. At the same time, monthly payments are provided at a rate of 3% of the current value of MNW tokens and have a predisposition to growth.
3. The participants in our project get an opportunity to receive payments in rubles (Russia, withholding personal income tax), in euros (European countries), in cryptocurrency (for everybody). The choice is left to each investor at will.
4. The project of Mining Now is characterized by transparency in the formation of income and clarity in calculations. Distribution is based on the principle – 30% to holders of MNW tokens, the rest is directed to increase generating capacities. Since the number of our tokens is strictly defined, as the generation increases, payments to investors also do, exceeding the targeted 3%.
5. Industrial mining, in contrast to the cloud one, doesn`t rent equipment, but has its own generating capacities. That`s why the MNW tokens, unlike the cloud analogues, have collateral in the form of material assets. And each investor can use the right of repurchase at any time by selling the MNW tokens belonging to him at the nominal value to the project`s administration.

We aren`t in the clouds, we get capital together with you.
Let’s mine together!

Outlooks for expanding the market of MNW token consumers

Our mining capacities already exist and generate the profit:

• We thoroughly studied the whole process from purchasing equipment, to selling cryptocurrency
• Some of the profit from mining is used for modernization of generating capacities
• Complex solutions – from generation of electricity through the creation of computing capacities, to the generation of cryptocurrencies
• Distribution of generating capacities in Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan


We guarantee full legal purity

•We are a European company. In our team there are also experts world level in the financial and legal spheres


The public system of distribution of income from Mining – 30% of the profit received paid to the owners of MNW tokens

• All information on the mining is in the open access for MNW token owners online

• Monthly payments to participants


You do not need to understand the miners, crypto-currencies, kilowatts – we will ensure the optimal use of the invested funds in Mining

• Payments of income are based in cryptocurrency or fiat money – according to your wishes


Upon completion: the formation of regulatory acts from the SEC, passing the certification of cryptocurrency, when it becomes mandatory

• Monitoring and auditing security cryptocurrency in the interests of investors

Our team

Founder and CEO
Zenkov Aleksei
Shakhovcev Vadim
Short Gregor
Zenkov Aleksander
Head of the legal department
Prodromu Georgios
Head of community management
Chervonenko Gennadiy
Commercial Director
Kuzmin Gennadiy
Ogurtsov Ilya

The cost of selling MNW tokens

Cost of sale, euro
Max. amount of tokens, MNW
30.10.2017 PRE-ICO
300 000
05.12.2017 ICO
3 300 000
28.02.2018 FINISH ICO

Additional Bonuses for the purchase amount:

€100 000 – 1%
€250 000 – 2%
€500 000 – 3%
€1 000 000 – 5%

At all the stages of the project, no more than 10,000,000 MNW tokens will be issued.

Tokens are issued only at the time of purchase.

Distribution of profits

14% – Electricity costs

10% – Salary of attendants

10% – Modernization of equipment

1%   – Costs for accounting, audit, etc.

15% – Other costs of ongoing operations

20% – Reserve fund

30% – Payments to participants

Сalculation of profitability

Calculation of profitability with an example of a participant who invested 100,000 euros (10,000 MNW tokens).

Monthly Period
Cost of coins
Income per month
Monthly %
%, per year
100 000
100 000
125 090
3 790
3 790
128 880
138 535
4 198
7 988
146 523
152 169
4 611
12 599
164 768
166 118
5 033
17 633
183 752
180 483
5 469
23 102
203 586
195 344
5 919
29 022
224 366
210 773
6 387
35 409
246 182
226 835
6 873
42 283
269 118
243 593
7 381
49 664
293 258
261 105
7 912
57 577
318 682
279 431
8 467
66 044
345 475

The forecast cost of MNW tokens


Start of the project
Launch of the first farm
Generating 1 eth per day
Start of PRE-ICO
Start of ICO
Closure of ICO

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is your currency registered?

Our currency and blockchain account is registered on the Etherium cryptographic platform capitalization of which at the moment is more than 18 billion usa dollars. And every user can make sure of it.

Is not your activity a "Pyramid"?

Nothing in common with the pyramid or other similar types of activities of our company has itself. The only reason this question can arise at all is high profitability. The principal difference from all fraudulent schemes is that we do not use the money invested to pay dividends or cover current expenses. All of them are directed to the creation of new capacities. As a profit, a third of the income received from the core business (generating cryptocurrencies) is distributed, so even if there are no new investments, the business will remain profitable and we will be able not only to pay the promised level of dividends, but also to increase the cost of coins due to growth and modernization generating capacities, providing services in the market of crypto-currencies (ICO, exchangers, etc.)

Why not an average user (who has a certain financial component) can not put himself in a certain capacity and earn 15% himself, and not 3%?

We are engaged in the development of computer programs for more than 10 years. We also have our own Pool and a number of software and technical know-how developed for effective mining. As part of the campaign there is an analytical group of experienced specialists who determine what and when the currency is to be mined. It is unlikely that an ordinary user will be able to obtain such guaranteed results.

In addition, the complexity of mining is constantly increasing. It is necessary to update the equipment in a timely manner. Therefore, the real monthly yield will be constantly reduced. Also, it is necessary to take into account the costs for electricity, rent of premises, security, technical support, etc.

Why not to invest in ordinary "cloud mining" firms which are offering a much higher percentage of income?

Firstly, by investing money in such firms, you generally do not have guarantees that you will receive at least some income. Secondly, even if this is so, every month you will receive less and less income due to the increasing complexity of mining. And, since you were promised simply the income from generation from the processing power that you bought, then there are no opportunities, except for payments, to increase your capital. By investing money in our Mining Company, you receive, in addition, a constant monthly income of 3%, an increase in the value of the purchased coins that you can sell on the market. The total level of income will significantly exceed the promised payments on the sites offering mining services

How to buy tokens?

To implement the tokens, we use a smart contract on the Ethereum platform. After the start of ICO (InitialCoinOffering) you can buy tokens through your personal account on the site or by directly sending Ethereum to a smart contract, the address of which will be available after the start. Also, for assistance with buying tokens, you can always refer to our support. The smart contract code will be laid out on the GitHub. Follow the news..

The complexity of production increases, the rate of currency falls, how will you keep income?

Special technical means, developed by the Mining Company, allow to track the mining process and solve the arising technical problems in an automatic mode. The percentage of solved problems without the participation of personnel is more than 85%.

If the automation could not solve the problem, it is corrected by the on-duty technician, who receives the most accurate information indicating the place and nature of the problem, and also tracks the problem resolution time, statistics of the problems are collected.
Thus, a high percentage of uninterrupted operation of the equipment is provided, statistics are collected on the equipment used to optimize the following purchases.
The technical department of the Mining Company constantly monitors all new items appearing on the market, tests new equipment and gives recommendations to the purchasing department.
The Trading Department of the Mining Company keeps track of all the news on the crypto currency market and gives recommendations on timely switching to the extraction of the currencies that bring the maximum profit.
Thus, the maximum efficiency in the field of mining is ensured.

Are there special conditions for large investors?

We are always open to dialogue. Write to us at, we will reply you in the near future.

What are your advantages and differences from competitors?

  1. The already existing mining capacities of the Mining Firms before the issuance of crypto-currencies, which can be seen personally.
  2. Presence of own crypto currency Mining Now Coin (сryptocurrency, tokens, coins).
  3. Securing the Cryptocurrency with monthly incomes, paid in fiat money.
  4. Thus, new investments are beneficial both for new holders of the Crypto currency and for old investors.
  5. A part of the income from mining is also spent on increasing the generating capacity of the Mining Company.
  6. The public system of distribution of income from mining according to a previously approved scheme.
  7. All information on the mining is in the public domain for Crypto-currency owners on the website of the Mining Company in the member’s personal cabinet. The ability to see the projected payments of the current month online.

Do you have a Bounty program? How will bonuses be distributed?

We are planning a small Bounty program, which we will inform you about later. Follow the news on our official resources.

In which currencies do you accept payments?

We accept payment in BTC, ETH and fiat money.

Where can I see a smart contract?

All the necessary information about smart contract, you can see on the site:

Where and when can I sell my tokens?

After the end of the ICO, our cryptocurrency will be traded on all major exchanges.
List of exchanges:

In addition to this list, it is possible to be placed almost on any platform, because the type of our token is supported by all exchanges.

We are always open to communication. Fill out the form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.